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I Tried Both Honeylove And Spanx So You Don’t Have To

Editor’s note: After feeling self conscious for a while I decided to invest in Spanx. I was surprised when they weren’t as effective as I expected they’d be. Then my friend recommended Honeylove, so I tried their SuperPower Shorts. Read this to see how the two brands compare…

My Life Before Discovering Honeylove

I’ve been feeling self conscious for a while — I have piles of clothes from 2 years ago that don’t fit like they used to. I had to do something about it, so I checked out Spanx.

I’d never bought shapewear before but who hasn’t heard of Spanx? I was sure they’d be the answer to my wardrobe woes so I ordered their OnCore High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Short since they’d cover my main problem area.

My order arrived just before I was heading out to a BBQ I was going to that evening. I put them on expecting to feel a big difference — and although they were good quality — they weren’t what I thought they’d be.

They felt sort of like swimsuit material and didn’t hold me “in” as much as I needed. They made my new jumpsuit look a bit more flattering, so I wore them. That night, I ended up having to go to the bathroom a few times to re-adjust myself. The Spanx kept rolling down – I don’t have to tell you this is not ideal when you’re sporting a jumpsuit!

When venting to one of my girl friends, she told me about a brand that she swears by: Honeylove. She was wearing them that evening and said they were so comfy — I must say, she looked incredible. Her confidence was beaming!

I checked out Honeylove myself to see if it would really be worth investing in — I doubted they’d be any better than Spanx. But after reading many reviews, I ordered the SuperPower Shortsand the rest is history.

My Life After Discovering Honeylove

Honeylove specializes in Sculptwear, and boy do these shorts sculpt your body — I had no idea my waist could be this compact! Yet, they felt so comfortable. But — as I discovered from my Spanx disappointment — the only way to put the Honeylove SuperPower Shorts to the test was to wear them out all night long.

And when I did I didn’t have to fix them once. The short uses flexible boning so there’s no pinching or poking. Targeted compression sculpts in all the right places and prevents roll-down. It literally smoothes everything and feels totally breathable at the same time.

Sculptwear and liftwear collection
High-quality fabrics, comfort, and stylish design
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Thanks to Honeylove’s brilliant sizing quiz, these shorts are the perfect fit. The first night I wore them out, I got so many compliments I felt more comfy — therefore confident! — than I have in a long time.

They’re so relaxing I can wear them to the office. Despite my far less-than ergonomic chair, my SuperPower Shorts stay put, and don’t grind against my spine like other shapewear I’ve had. I feel so confident when delivering presentations now!

Considering how effective Honeylove’s SuperPower Shorts are, you’d expect them to be pricey, but they’re truly affordable at just $89.

The Takeaway

Ever since I bought the SuperPower Short I feel like I can pull off any look. I’ve even unearthed some dresses and pieces that I haven’t worn in a long time. But when I’m wearing Honeylove they look fantastic on me.

It's Honeylove’s SoftFlex structure that beats out Spanx, which ensures comfort. Not to mention the mesh details and X design that make Honeylove feel sexier! Plus the sturdy side-boning stops them from rolling down.

Since Honeylove gives you 20% off a second item, I stocked up recently and ordered the LiftWear Cami and the EverReady Pant. I’m really excited for them to arrive.

If you’re looking for Sculptwear that holds its shape, then check out Honeylove. You can thank me later!

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