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Homeserve Is Everyone's Favorite Home Warranty Plan

Being a homeowner can have its moments. With all of the good comes a lot of extra responsibility. Caring for your home is essential, and you need to cover everything from routine maintenance to emergency repairs — not an easy feat.

Thankfully, HomeServe is able to offer affordable home repair and maintenance plans to help cover heating issues, plumbing crises or electric mishaps.

You can sign up for a home warranty plan from HomeServe and get peace of mind. Most basic homeowner's insurance typically covers damage from fires and natural disasters. HomeServe provides an affordable solution to help with expensive, stressful repairs.

HomeServe is known for these major and reputable claims.

  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • One-year home repair guarantee
  • Local, licensed and insured technicians

Not only are you getting the best customer service HomeServe can offer, but you can also access their repair hotline 24/7. You are put first with this service thanks to their Customer Promise:

  • Before a customer joins, it's clear what they're buying and what the plan will do for them.
  • When a customer joins, they'll be told how much they're paying, what that buys for them and how to make a claim.
  • When a customer becomes a member, HomeServe will make life easy for them.
  • When a customer makes a claim, HomeServe will solve their problem quickly and easily — your emergency is their emergency.
  • If a customer is not happy, HomeServe will listen, apologize and make things right wherever they can, as soon as they can.

Don't miss out on affordable and useful plans. HomeServe offers some of the best in plumbing, electrical, heating & cooling and combo plans — there's no need to wait for a problem and scramble for a solution if it's covered on your plan.

Still not sure? Here's how confident HomeServe is and what they're saying:

"Over 700 utilities and cities trust HomeServe to offer home protection plans to their customers."

"Over 4.5 million customers already trust us."

"The quality and timeliness of repair technicians in our contractor network is consistently ranked high."

Let the experts take the home stress off your shoulders. HomeServe is here not just to serve but to deliver the quality they promise when you enroll in a plan.