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Is HomeServe The Best For Home Repairs & Maintenance? Here’s What We Found.

Owning a home is amazing… until you realize how much is on you when it comes to repairs. Many people assume that home insurance covers everything, but it doesn't.

We've been wondering how many homeowners across the country have been able to deal with it all, from damage caused wear and tear to emergency plumbing catastrophes. The answer we found was HomeServe - a home repair company offering service and maintenance solutions.

Since they have 5-star reviews, we decided to investigate if HomeServe is really a must-have for homeowners. Here's what we found out:

Different plans for different needs: HomeServe offers many options for many home repair needs. Plans for plumbing, electrical, heating & cooling, and even combo plans are available depending on location. Their network of contractors are the experts you need for emergency repairs that may come up.

"As usual it was excellent, I have the service for a long time. Anytime I have called, everyone has been very helpful and professional. The service people call right away and give you a window of time that they will arrive they always come as promised and never leave a mess. I really have a peace of mind having your service—I have 2 contracts with HomeServe." – Christopher. April 30, 2020

Affordable: Owning a home means a lot of expenses, but this service can help you with your budget. Your plan's cost will depend on where you live, but their website lets you review quotes of the plans available for your area. Expect it to cost about the price of a meal at a restaurant per month - totally worth it!

"I am so glad I have this service. It's been a life saver for me, an unemployed server and had to use it last week at no charge. They were awesome and did a great job thank you" – Elaine Y. April 10, 2020

More protection: While it's important to have home insurance, you should know that it's not designed to cover every problem due to wear and tear that your home might experience. Random leaks, broken light switches, and general wear and tear repairs may be covered by a plan from HomeServe.

"Your technician showed up so quickly to my mother's house when she had no heat. I was so happy because she really feels cold being 85 years old. The pilot was out in the boiler. He was able to fix it and the heat started to come up a little while later" – Patrick. April 30, 2020

24/7 hotline support: With HomeServe you get access to a 24/7 Repair Hotline to schedule an appointment and get your repair taken care of. HomeServe sends local, licensed, and insured technicians to your door.

"It was Easter Sunday & we called as we had a flooding, plumber came the same day. Amazing!" – Andre. April 17, 2020

Great reviews: Customers love HomeServe and they have rave reviews from verified users to prove it.

"Easy and quick set up from the initial service call. Communication consistent throughout the service request. Local plumber responded quickly and made the whole process simple and wonderful. Thank you!" – Jill M . April 7, 2020

"We called for the first time because our main drain was clogged somewhere from the house to the street. The person who answered the call was courteous and got right on it. We had a plumber arrive within 2 hours. Both HomeServe AND the plumber did an excellent job at communication. We knew who and when they were coming. They came sooner than expected, did the job and left with the courtesy of telling us to call again if the problem persisted. THANK YOU! – Barbara. April 16, 2020

A plan from HomeServe is a smart idea for any homeowner. We've discovered that this home repair company has not only saved customers from stressing out, but that plans from HomeServe are affordable and their network of contractors are reliable.

Protect your finances today and sign up for a plan from HomeServe. Get ahead of a home repair problem by being prepared with a plan that delivers.

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