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I Never Thought A Cleaning Service Would Be Helpful

Even before the madness of 2020 hit, my home was my sanctuary. Having a clean and tidy space is something that has always helped me keep a clear head and stay motivated, and that became even more true when I started working from home.

I'm not a naturally organized person (is anyone?!) but keeping my home in order from one day to the next is something I've mastered over time. Even though my house may look the part, there are certain chores that I just dread and constantly put off.

After the holidays, I swore to myself I would make a list of "big cleaning tasks" that I would finally tackle. My oven hasn't been cleaned since I don't know when, my fridge is a mess, and my windows are in desperate need of a scrub. Who doesn't want to crawl back into bed when faced with these bigger tasks?

In the middle of cleaning my oven last week, I took a break and called my sister to vent. After listening to me complain for 5 minutes, she told me that she is planning on signing up for a cleaning plan from Handy.

My sister is a total slob, so her having a cleaning plan makes sense. But ... me? No way, as I said I just need help with those dreaded deep cleans, so I figured Handy wouldn't be right for me.

But my sister told me that Handy's cleaning plans are totally customizable to your needs and you can select what tasks you want to be tackled before your appointment. I hung up and got back to cleaning, and after I was done and completely exhausted, I decided to check out Handy.

Handy connects you to vetted and background checked cleaning professionals, or "Pro's" in your area, and their cleaning plans allow you to have a Pro come weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. What struck me is how flexible and convenient Handy is. You can schedule an appointment whenever it works for you, sometimes as soon as the next day! You can customize your cleaning in advance, and let your Pro know exactly what needs to be done.

I'm weird about letting people into my home, especially these days, so I was relieved to see that Handy has been prioritizing the health & safety of the customers and professionals above all else. The Handy Safety Standard on their website outlines all of the measures they have been taking like requiring all Pros to wear face coverings during bookings and requiring daily in-app check-ups to validate they are in good health before claiming a booking. Plus, if you find someone you really love, you can request to have them become your regular Pro.

Sometimes you just gotta admit defeat, so I'm planning on signing up for a Handy plan and adding extras to my booking to help me stay on top of my dreaded oven and fridge. I can specify exactly what needs to be done before my Pro arrives, so they can get to work on the areas I need the most help with.

As I said, I do a good job at keeping most things in order, but sometimes you just need a little help, and Handy is the perfect solution. Now the only time I need to look inside my oven is to check and see if my pizza is done ;)!

Update: Handy is offering a limited time discount for our readers! Follow this link today to get a special offer on your first time cleaning plan.

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