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How To Keep Your Home Clean On The Regular

It's easier than you think!

There is always more than one option.

This is never truer than when it comes to cleaning. Staying at home has mostly resulted in two ways of handling mess; either you've cleaned your house top to bottom (multiple times) or you've been doing the bare minimum 'cause cleaning ain't your therapy or release.

Either way, our homes need to be cleaned sooner or later and you may feel like it's a chore, but you have so many options. Here are the most popular go-to's:


The most obvious one, but maybe not the most enjoyable. You get to do it in your own time and the way you like it, plus nobody else has to come into your home if you're iffy about that. But to do a deep clean, you'll need to buy so many more cleaning products, for different surfaces and different jobs.

Can't just use the one daily cleaner everywhere if you want your home to be shining. Plus if cleaning isn't your forte, the outcome might not be what your home needs right now. (Yes, we can see those streaks on the windows.)

Hire a Recommendation

Now we're talking! If we want our homes to be so picture-perfect clean that our moms would be proud, we need professional help. Taking a recommendation from a friend is good if you are happy with how their home turned out.

But if you find a freelancer, it's important to sort out all the details in the beginning so both sides are clear on what's to be done and when. Sometimes it can be hard to schedule freelance cleaners, so you would need to book in advance. And Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) - you don't have any guarantees with most freelance self-employed cleaners, so finding one you like might take time.

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Handy is a website that connects you to experienced cleaners, making getting your home cleaned simple and easy. You can book everything online and they have an app to manage all your cleaning appointments. Booking is so quick and easy, tell them how many bedrooms and bathrooms your home has, your zip code, and what sort of cleaning you want.

From there, they will give you an upfront price and an option to add on more cleaning services such as windows, inside the fridge, and even laundry. Once you finalize what you want and book, your job will be claimed by an experienced cleaning professional in your area. All of the Pros on Handy are vetted with background checks that use ID verification technology to ensure they are the most reliable cleaners out there.

Plus, they have the Handy Happiness Guarantee which means if you aren't happy with the service you received they will set out another cleaner to make it right. And their customer service is open 24/7 to answer all your questions.

With Handy, you can create a plan that automatically schedules bookings weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, whatever suits you. It's so simple to book with everything upfront.

Handy is following all guidelines right now to keep both customers and cleaners safe and healthy. They have introduced the Handy Safety Standard, which includes a number of steps to help foster a safe environment for the customers and cleaning professionals who use Handy. As part of this effort, Handy is providing face coverings to all professionals, professionals are carrying out daily self-certifications confirming that they are not experiencing symptoms, and all pros are receiving guidance on using EPA-approved cleaning products and following the CDC's health and safety guidelines. On top of that, for every set of masks and gloves that Handy sends to pros, they also donate one to a local hospital and they have provided financial assistance to pros who have tested positive for COVID-19.

Handy is exactly the treat our homes and us need right now. It will be the quickest and best way to ensure your home will be clean. Most convenient and easiest option for sure!

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