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The Must-Have For Weight Loss This Holiday Season

The holidays have begun and I can already tell that the chocolates and cheeses are going to be leaving a lasting impression on my waistline if I don't do something about it.
Weight loss has always been a battle for me and this festive (and delicious) season only makes it harder. I'm ready to be proactive when it comes to my weight and not feel pressured to rush and shed the extra pounds in the new year.

I didn't want to go on any crazy diets though because the holidays are made for a little indulgence and I want to be able to grab that extra slice of pie, guilt-free. After researching a ton, my friend recommended I look into Performix, her go-to for weight loss.

At first, I was incredibly skeptical that Performix could work for me since it seemed geared more towards the fitness junkie (like my friend). But, when I looked into it more I realized their products were meant to provide anybody with the energy and support they need throughout their day. So I went ahead and tried their Weight Management Essentials Stack.

My stack arrived and while I was ready to jump in I was a bit nervous that there were 3 products: SST with Capsimax, SST Control, and SST Cleanse. I wanted something that was less work than a diet and still effective.

It turned out that even though I was using more products each one addresses a different area to give me the full-picture weight loss I was looking for.

Despite being unsure at first, Performix laid out exactly how to use my stack. I started out my day by taking 2 capsules of the SST with Capsimax, a great way to boost my energy right away. On top of the increased focus and energy, the Capsimax helps accelerate your metabolism and is naturally-derived from capsaicin so I know what I'm putting into my body and what it's doing.

In the afternoons I get the most snacky, and I'm definitely tempted by all those leftovers in the fridge.

The SST Control - Appetite Suppressor has saved the day and is curbing my cravings. All I have to do is take 1 scoop of SST Control, mix it with 8-10oz of cold water, and drink up! It helps me feel satiated, so I can stay disciplined on my weight loss path. Plus, I can even take it during or after a workout - fitting seamlessly into my schedule.

I think the end of the day is so important in setting up for success the next day, and thankfully so does Performix. Their SST Cleanse - Detoxifying Solution, uses Milk Thistle and Turmeric to support liver function and contains no stimulants. I simply take two capsules at night before bed to wrap up the day and provide the perfect reset my body needs.

After the first few days, I started to notice a real difference - less snacking, more energy to get my workout in, and a better focus on my goals. The holidays may be ramping up but my weight isn't going anywhere.

I can't believe I got 3 life-changing products all in the Weight Management Essentials Stack for just $49.98. And now even if I start to slack on my fitness regimen, I know I'm still working on my weight with Performix even when I'm not working out.

Thanks to Performixthe holidays are going to come and go, and I'm going to come out of it feeling great and without sacrificing all the fun!

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