Cyber Weekend Self Care Picks: Deals You Can Still Shop

Cyber Weekend Self Care Picks: Deals You Can Still Shop

Holiday shop for yourself this year

We all take on the holiday shopping with the best intentions. The most prepared amongst us might even have a list of where they’re shopping and who they’re shopping for.

Yet, inevitably, once all those marketing emails and texts you signed up for start to hit your phone you end doing way more shopping than you thought, and — let’s be brutally honest — most of it’s for yourself.

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But don’t feel guilty about it — why should you? As much as the holidays are about others, they should be about self-care. Yes, ‘tis the season for gifting. But you can’t pour from an empty cup, so be sure to give back to yourself.

With the barrage of notifications and for sale signs flashing in your eyes, it can be quite challenging to decide exactly which sales to hit.

If you’re shopping with self-care in mind, it’s easy to justify any and all purchases as a treat to yourself. However, real self-care means shopping with your future self in mind, rather than catering to your immediate impulses.

Some of my favorite finds are Cyber Weekend Deals which I use to improve my self-care routines in my day-to-day life the whole year round. From supplements to beauty, I’m upgrading every element in my life for a great price.

Nurish by Nature Made

I’m heading into the New Year with my holistic health goals firmly in mind. Nurish by Nature Made is a line of supplements that are personalized to fit your life. With my lifestyle and health goals in mind, I can identify nutrients I’m missing and take supplements specifically geared towards my needs.

Nurish’s flexibility makes it easy to adjust your lifestyle, and so does their 50% deal. Get half off your first month with the code “NCM50” so you can see which products are a good fit without breaking the bank.

Meloway Makeup

For too long, makeup brands preyed on young women’s insecurities to sell their wares. When I was first introduced to make up, it was merely a tool to cover up your flaws or make you look more conventionally attractive. But no more. The landscape has changed and brands like Meloway make beauty more personalized and accessible.

With the code “BF21” get 30% off the bestselling makeup that will make you feel confident and empowered. Enhance your natural beauty with these simple but effective products that will change the way you view makeup — and yourself.

Cuvee Beauty

What comes to mind when you imagine self-care? I see myself submersed in an aromatic bubble bath, face mask on, sipping a glass of wine, and listening to soft music as candles flicker in an ambient, calming atmosphere. Lately, this tableau also includes a Cuvee hair mask. Made with champagne, this festive treatis a superb hair treatment as well as a luxurious, pampering must-have.

Sign up for texts and you can get 30% off orders over $75. There’s also 20% off with the code “HOLIDAY20” and use the code “HOLIDAY25” for 25% off orders over $75.


Luxury beauty line Mutha is the perfect gift for all the strong women in your life — including yourself. By creating products for your whole body, Mutha champions inner beauty and inner strength. From exquisite tools like dry brushes to creams and oils and more, get soft skin all over. Shop their curated holiday gift sets for effortless skincare essentials that deeply hydrate and get noticeable results.

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