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Beat The Holiday Cravings With ProLon’s Limited-Time Sale

Black Friday is back in a big way. After all the pies and stuffing that comes with Thanksgiving, why not reset your health with our go-to fast-mimicking diet, ProLon! They're currently offering their lowest price of the year at $169 ($84 off!), with financing options available as low as $41 per month!

ProLon has been on our radar ever since we learned about their 'fasting with food' process. They're known for their 5-day program that helps you lose weight, supports healthy aging, and even helps with metabolic health.

Their 5-day program gives you the benefits of a fast all while being able to eat. ProLon sends you five boxes for every day of the cleanse, and with it, everything you need! Their food is completely plant-based and gives you the perfect amount of macro and micronutrients to maintain your fasting state.

The meals include options like bars for breakfast, soups like minestrone for lunch and dinner, and snacking choices. There are olives, kale crisps, and even a choco-crisp bar for some nights! Drinks are covered with ProLon too, so you're not stuck just drinking water. Their program includes herbal teas and energy drinks, but most importantly… coffee is allowed.

Within the first five days, most people report more energy, loss of weight, and far fewer cravings. Unlike regular fasting, you're still able to eat while keeping your body in a state of fasting, and it's only five days!

Between the five-star reviews, the decades of research, and the range of benefits like weight loss, improved energy, and cell rejuvenation, we can't say enough about it! Plus, with their current offer, we're saving our time, money, and health!

ProLon typically costs $249 per box, but this Black Friday they are lowering their prices like never before! You can now take $84 off your first box for a total of $169. They also offer financing options through Affirm and you can pay as low as $41.25 per month for four months!

There has never been a better season or reason to try ProLon. Save money and beat the cravings that come with the holidays!

ProLon is Offering a Special Promo For Black Friday. Get $84 Off All ProLon purchases! Every ProLon purchase includes a 20 minute health coach consultation — an additional $74 Value!

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