Hint Water - The Secret To My Summer Beach Bod

Hint Water - The Secret To My Summer Beach Bod

Summer is here, which usually means I completely lose sight of my health and fitness goals — thanks to all the parties and sweet temptations. This time around, I made a plan; I got a gym membership, and I’m going 3 times a week. Doable!

It started off well, but once the initial motivation wore off, I saw I was slacking. I realized that I needed to adopt other good habits to compliment my initial goals and turn my summer around health-wise.

Now, I’m confident that I can keep this up. Here are the inspirational essentials transforming my summer:

New Workout Gear

It’s called “dopamine dressing” — Bringing items to the gym that make me happy, or releasing dopamine. I set myself up to actually enjoy an intense workout.

So I stocked up on matching athleisure wear and high-quality leggings. And no matter if I’m at the gym with my personal trainer or out for coffee and a walk with my bestie, I like the way I look which boosts my confidence for the season.

A Fun Playlist

Can I be honest? My workout playlist hasn't changed since high school! Time for a refresh.

I did some digging and found current artists I like, kept some old-school faves, and even downloaded a few audiobooks for lighter sessions. I only listen to my playlist at the gym, so if I want to hear those fantastic songs, I’m more determined to get dressed and go!

Hint Water

Regular water is so boring that I completely forget to drink it (even at the gym). This means I'm often thirsty and exhausted. As a result, my workouts can be a challenge. This time around, I have a Hint Water subscription — delicious fruit-infused water, which keeps me hydrated so I never feel weighed down or thirsty.

Hint makes staying hydrated super convenient. They have a limited time offer where new customers can get 36 bottles for only $36 +it’s shipped straight to my door for free!! Delivery right to your door is a huge win. No more lugging heavy cases home from the grocery store. My favorite flavor is Watermelon — so refreshing — but I’m also a huge fan of their Pineapple flavor and Peach Raspberry, which you can only buy online! Honestly, I haven’t found a single flavor yet that I don’t love!

Plus, Hint water contains zero sweeteners, zero calories and zero sugar which makes it a must-have, not only for gym workouts, but also for hikes, trips to the beach, and bike rides around the park. Then there are all the flavorful summer cocktails I pair with Hint for summer brunches and barbecues.

I was really worried that I’d skip the gym during the warmer months. But establishing such solid habits, I find myself at the gym and staying longer than I planned.

Turns out, all I needed for a healthy summer was a gym membership, exceptional workout gear — plus the delicious boost of Hint water with a kick of fruit flavor.

If you want to stay hydrated all summer long, it’s time to order some super delicious Hint Water!

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