Have You Heard Of Erythritol? Hint Is The Solution

Have You Heard Of Erythritol? Hint Is The Solution

Over the years we’ve all enjoyed our fair share of diet sodas and other zero-calorie beverages. They seemed like the perfect solution for anyone looking for beverages without added calories or sugar.

But you can’t entirely remove sugar from the equation — because what’s a soda without the sweetness? So, that's why most contain diet sweeteners.

Many assume that diet sweeteners may be the healthier option, but that isn’t the case. Ingredients like aspartame and sucralose can cause negative side effects. In fact, both are connected to Alzheimer's, cancers, and other serious diseases. Now it's time to add Erythritol to the list.

Before you start reading the fine print on the back of your favorite zero-calorie beverages that feature ingredients you’ve never heard of, try our favorite brand - Hint. This fruit-infused water comes in a variety of flavors that taste great. Hint is infused with fruit essences that create a refreshing twist to boring old, run-of-the-mill water. The best part is that their water doesn’t and will never include diet sweeteners. Plus, new customers can try it for only $1 per bottle.

Unlike other flavored waters, Hint has zero sugar, zero diet sweeteners, and zero erythritols . Plus, it’s vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and kosher.

On top of that, Hinthas a ton of flavors like Peach Raspberry and Grape (both Online Exclusive flavors), Coconut, and more. There’s literally a flavor for everyone, and they’re always adding more.

New customers can order Hint online and receive 36 bottles for only $36 plus free shipping – that’s $1 per bottle! It's delivered right to your door, so no more lugging heavy cases from the store to your car and into your home.

Hint offers a fantastic alternative to those drinks filled with diet sweeteners and helps you stay hydrated all day.

So ditch the harmful ingredients list — especially Erythritol — and say goodbye to unhealthy zero-calorie drinks and give Hint a try!

Customize your bundle of Hint waters today!

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