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Hint, The Answer to Everyone’s Hydration Needs

We all know water's amazing benefits and how it's vital for all bodily functions. And yet, the majority of us admit that we need to start drinking more water on a daily basis. Well, we've found a fun and fruity way to get that H2O: Hint water.

Hint's fruit-infused water contains 0 sweeteners, 0 sugars, 0 calories, but all the taste of your favorite fruit and of course all the benefits of being fully hydrated.

Whether you're trying to cut down on sugar or struggling to drink plain water, Hint is the perfect solution for everyone's hydration needs.

The Busy Mom

Water Struggle: My kids hate the taste of plain water and drink too much sugary soda on the weekends

Favorite Feature: Zero sugar and zero sweeteners

Experience: Trying to find sugar-free snacks and drinks that my kids will actually eat and drink is an uphill battle. You find one that's sugar-free but full of sweeteners that can be even worse, and still makes them hyper. Soda is the worst and juices are just as bad, my dentist informed me as my eldest was getting yet another filling.

I stopped buying soda and juices and replaced them with Hint. When I first tried Hint, I thought no way could this really be free of sugar and sweeteners - it tastes way too good. Now, all three of my kids ask for Hint so it has been the easiest transition ever. I even had to bump up my order with another case now that my husband and I drink it daily, too.

The Young Professional

Water Struggle: Sticking to consistency

Favorite Feature: Delivered to my door

Experience: I've tried all the energy drinks, green juices, electrolyte water, water with added vitamins and minerals, down to the flavored colored waters. I end up trying anything that is the new way to hydrate, but never stick to it. I usually find them in random gas stations or they are exclusive novelties in my local store.

So, when I saw an ad for Hint water I knew I had to try it out. Hint is one of the best beverages I've tried. Hint keeps it simple, with water that is infused with my favorite fruit flavors. Every flavor I ordered tasted so good and the best part is, you order it online and it gets delivered to your door. Even better, they have an awesome offer for new customers-- 3 cases (that's 36 bottles), for $1 per bottle plus free shipping. Having Hint delivered to my door helps me stay on track with my hydration goals. Plus, it's one less thing I have to lug back from the grocery store!

The Soda Lover

Water Struggle: Bland, zero taste, bores me

Favorite Feature: Range of tasty flavors

Experience: My parents never let us have soda when we were little, which has led to a nonstop soda binge ever since flying the nest. After years of all that sugar, preservatives, and who knows what other unhealthy ingredients are in those cans, I now understand why my parents kept me away from them. It was time for me to be an adult and stop drinking soda.

But water was just too boring and bland for me after years of soda. I thought my friend was lying when she said I might enjoy Hint water. She made me try a Hint watermelon, it was the most amazing flavor ever - tasted just like watermelon. Hint is infused with fruit essences, and they have so many delicious flavors to choose from: pineapple, peach, blackberry…..and many more!

Hint's true fruit flavors taste better than any soda or beverage filled with sugar or sweeteners. I've made it my mission to try every single flavor.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for an alternative to sugary drinks, a more interesting way to hydrate, or simply need the convenience of getting tasty water delivered to your door, Hint is everyone's answer.

Make the switch to Hint water to feel the true benefits of being properly hydrated. Don't miss out on Hint's new customer special - get 36 bottles for $36 plus free home delivery!

Customize your bundle of Hint waters today! Follow this link to get 36 bottles for $36 PLUS free shipping!

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