Here’s Why I Chose Green Chef To Reach My 2022 Goal Of Becoming A Vegetarian

Here’s Why I Chose Green Chef To Reach My 2022 Goal Of Becoming A Vegetarian

As 2021 comes to an end, I’m thinking about everything I’ve accomplished this year and things I want to improve in 2022. This time, I wholeheartedly aim to stick with my New Year’s resolutions. Abandoning them within a month - like I did over the past few years - is not an option!

My priority goal for 2022 is becoming a vegetarian. I’ve read tons of online articles about the benefits of plant-based diets, such as lowering the risks of chronic diseases and slowing down the aging process.

I also found a study from the University of Oxford reporting that cutting down on meat and dairy products can reduce a person’s dietary carbon footprint by 65%. My compassion for animals plays a factor as well - the documentary Cowspiracy really opened my eyes.

The problem is that I’ve been cooking and eating meat just about every day for as far back as I can remember. From sausages and mash to beef casseroles and my grandmother’s incredible Sunday roasts, I’ve conquered every meat-based recipe out there. I’ve absolutely no clue how to cook vegetarian meals. And I can not rely on my daily impulses that will surely throw my healthy intentions out the window.

While searching for a solution online, I came across Green Chef - a recipe box subscription service that offers terrific options for delicious and nutritionally-approved meals. There’s even a plant-based menu with plenty of hearty and interesting vegetarian recipes to choose from each week. The Chimichurri and Roasted Veggies with Black Rice, Pomegranate, and Pumpkin Seeds or One-Pot Saffron Rice and Beans with Paella-Inspired Seasoning sounded mouth-watering!

I’d never tried a recipe box before, so I was a bit skeptical. I was thrilled that you can easily change, add, skip weeks or opt-out at any time through their website. When I noticed that Green Chef’s meals start at only £2.82 per serving - so incredible! - I thought, why not just give it a try?! I settled for the vegetarian plan with four weekly recipes and two servings per meal.

I couldn’t wait for the order to arrive. And when it did, I loved that the box was fully insulated so i didn’t need to be in for the delivery, and all the ingredients came pre-portioned for zero food waste! The ingredients are also packed with really beautiful step by step recipe cards which make it super simple to cook the dishes.

To my surprise, the meals tasted heavenly and left me feeling satisfied. For some reason, I always feared that vegetarian dishes couldn’t come close to the taste of meat. But I guess I was wrong! I couldn’t be happier that I found Green Chef.

Now I can jump into 2022 feeling confident that I’ll reach my goal of going vegetarian! I recommend Green Chef to anyone who wants to switch to a new diet, such as vegan, vegetarian, keto, lower carb, or a more flexitarian diet, because they have such exceptional options.

And to all those looking to spend less time in the kitchen - Green Chef makes cooking and eating healthy super easy, convenient, and fun!

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