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Why Eating Wholesome, Balanced Food Doesn't Have to Be Boring or Tasteless Ever Again: HelloFresh

Over the course of the pandemic, it feels like everyone in the world gained weight. But you've lost a significant amount these last six months - 60 POUNDS! Your A1C - a test that measures blood glucose levels - has dropped two whole points. Congratulations on your successes and the start of your journey!

Please tell us how you've done it.

Six months ago I'd reached an all-time high of 416 pounds – thank you, COVID-19. I was miserable. My doctor suggested I get bariatric surgery to help me lose weight, but I knew that surgery wasn't what I needed.

Instead, I was convinced that I could take matters into my own hands if I had help. I needed to make behavioral changes and focus on better food choices. I decided to add some discipline to my life - even if only in small increments to start.

For my meal planning, I went with HelloFresh. Each week we choose from 20+ meals from a wide variety of cuisines - Thai, Mexican, Italian, Korean, Chinese, and Indian, to name only a few. I appreciate having each pre-measured ingredient delivered right to my doorstep, along with step-by-step recipe instructions that really keep me on course.

Have you always been a disciplined person, or did HelloFresh take some of the randomness and temptation out of the equation? Is convenience a real factor?

My son lives with me, and we both decided that a meal delivery service would be a great option. The sign-up was easy. We opted for four (or sometimes six) recipes a week for two people, but there are tons of other plans. There are options for vegetarians, meat lovers, calorie-conscious eaters, and families.

The recipes are a breeze to follow. Their meals are super easy-to-prep, yummy, and satisfying. From our very first dinner, we knew we'd found what we'd been looking for.

The built-in portion control is perfect for us. When the portions are already determined, so much of the guessing game is eliminated.

As a high-risk individual with diabetes in these COVID times, it was such a relief to not have to go to the grocery store. At the very least, I avoided stocking up on unhealthy temptations. Delicious HelloFresh meals that come right to my door? Priceless.

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What's your favorite HelloFresh meal?

My son and I are both crazy for the Zingy Soy Salmon with Pickled Scallions, Ginger Rice, & Citrus Carrots. The aromas of fresh grated ginger and lime zest can't be beat.

Like others who've spent years on the weight-loss, weight-gain rollercoaster, I've eaten my share of bland "diet" meals. Everything can taste so flat. The chefs behind the HelloFreshrecipes know that taste matters. The meals satisfy your taste buds while helping shrink your waistline.

Would you say that HelloFresh has been a puzzle piece that fits into your bigger picture? That eating wholesome food inspires you to exercise and vice versa?

Absolutely. Sometimes undertaking such a daunting endeavor feels overwhelming. But when you don't have to worry about half of the challenge - what to make for lunch and dinner - the rest of it falls into line more easily. HelloFresh leaves me with lots of choices and allows me to participate in the making of my own meals. It's an ideal fit for me.

You're instilling healthy habits in your son as well as making lasting memories. When you've reached your goal, will the two of you continue to choose meals from HelloFresh?

We're definitely keeping our subscription because their meals start at just $7.49 a serving - far less than the grocery store or take out, so we're saving time, money, and calories. Plus you see exactly what you're consuming since you make it yourself--whole foods in balanced portions.

We'll both be eating HelloFreshfor years to come! It feels like a friend arriving at our door in the middle of a storm.

Frances Fisher - an artist, art teacher, and mother - lives in St. Louis with her son, two rescue dogs and a rescue cat. She has a penchant for gardening and inspiring others to achieve their dreams. She's at the start of her journey to better health and wellness and knows it's not a race but a beautiful stroll.


Would you continue to share your journey with us? We'd love to hear from you again and to have you share your highs as well as the challenges - and maybe some new favorite Hello Fresh meals.

I'd be super happy to report back again! This is a journey, after all. I love to inspire others.

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