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5 All-Time Favorite HelloFresh Recipes

These are the best HelloFresh recipes you can make at home.

HelloFresh is America's #1 Meal Kit for a reason.

Sure, it's convenient, affordable, and nutritious....But more than that? It's delicious!

Customers stay on month after month for HelloFresh's wide range of cuisines - you'll get inspiration from all over the world - Such as Greek, Asian, Korean, and Mexian, all in addition to classic American favorites.

If you think your weeknight dinners could use an update, look no further than HelloFresh. They'll deliver you enough meals for your household 3-4 times a week, on the date you choose.

Everything arrives in perfect portions inside labeled bags with step-by-step instructions, so it's foolproof.

At around 30 minutes a meal, this will help you skip take out and maybe that extra grocery trip you really really don't want to take.

Take a world tour from the comfort of your own home with HelloFresh. Here are 5 of the top recipes from around the globe.

1. Italian Ciabatta Cheeseburgers with Mozzarella, Onion, and Balsamic Greens

This is what happens when you let a cheeseburger study abroad in Italy for a semester. The gently spiced beef patty with mozzarella, irresistible caramelized onions, and greens on ciabatta makes for a burger that would sit at the top of any "Best Burgers" list.

2. Mexican One-Pan Pork Carnitas Tacos with Cheese, Onion, and a Lime Crema

Tacos are a HelloFresh staple, and this recipe earned its spot for its one-pan simplicity and authentic flavor. A fajita spice blend and poblano pepper along with all the toppings you could ever wish for make this a kid-friendly fave.

3. Crispy Chickpea Tabbouleh Bowls with Creamy Feta Dressing

This Middle Eastern wonder is beloved by vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Lemony bulgur, creamy feta, fresh vegetables and oh-so-crispy chickpeas makes this a textural bowl to beat.

4. Presto Pesto Panko Chicken with Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans

HelloFresh uses its perfect pesto not as a topping, but as a glue for delicious panko, so chicken can be baked golden brown. The hardest part of this weeknight meal is watching the oven, as the pesto scent wafts through your kitchen.

5. Korean Beef Bulgogi Bowls with Carrots, Cucumber, and Sriracha Crema over Jasmine Rice

Did you know that in just around 20 minutes, you can quick-pickle cucumbers, make jasmine rice, and sear bulgogi beef? This Korean staple can make it to your table lighting fast, and with as much sriracha crema as you can handle.

HelloFresh is the answer to tastebud-burnout. Even if you just want a fancier version of your weekly mac'n'cheese, there's a recipe for you.

They have options that are low-calorie, vegetarian, and heart-healthy, as well as add-ons like garlic bread and brownies (yum!)

Trust us, this is gonna change dinner from' something you have to do', to something you look forward to every night.

Update: Our friends at HelloFresh are extending a special New Year's offer to our readers. Follow this link to get 10 meals free including free shipping!

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