America's Most Popular Meal Kit

In the last year, we saw a surge in the number of people trying meal kits. And now that the reviews are in, it's clear which meal kit is topping the polls: HelloFresh.

HelloFresh is America's most popular meal kit, with its community growing every day. Whether you're a busy mom who needs a little help getting fast and nutritious meals on the table or just want to add some variety and worldly cuisines into your dinners, HelloFresh is there to provide simple, tasty, and affordable meals. Everything you need to make dinner--easy to follow recipe cards and pre-portioned fresh ingredients--are delivered right to your door to be prepared in 30 minutes or less.

Get ready to spend less time stressing over ingredient lists and grocery store runs and more time enjoying a delicious wholesome meal right in your own home.

Here's a taste of what people are saying about their HelloFresh experience:

"We have the vegetarian plan because my wife is a lifelong vegetarian, and all the meals have been wonderful. Oftentimes we see other companies doing vegetarian meals that don't have much substance or are not very filling but I can say that has never been an issue with HelloFresh." - Miles, MD

"I've tried Blue Apron and HelloFresh. HelloFresh is perfect for me, a single, working mom who still wants to cook dinner for the family. There are many, many diverse meal options each week, including kid friendly options. I like that I can easily skip weeks as frequently as I want to. The best thing about HelloFresh is their customer service. They are easy to contact on phone or through messaging and always credit/refund me in case of the rare mistakes, no matter how small, no questions asked. They are a top-notch business that I will continue to support." - Lynzie, CA

"As most people, I have been cooking more and more and I have been looking for new recipes. HelloFresh has not only provided that, but the food itself is fresh & VERY tasty. My husband, who was raised on "meat and potatoes" has truly enjoyed the variety as well as the excellent food." - Karla, NY

"I never liked to cook or felt like I could prepare a full meal very well. HelloFresh completely changed my mind and has given me so much more confidence in the kitchen! Every recipe we have tried is delicious and the ingredients are always fresh. My fiancé and I have learned so much about new foods and combinations we enjoy and have never eaten at home more! (Also, HelloFresh was such a HUGE help while quarantining during a pandemic when the restaurants were closed and grocery stores were sold out of everything!!)" - Alexis, MA

Getting dinner on the table shouldn't be stressful. That's why in addition to delivering recipes for simple, healthy, and quick meals to families all across the country, HelloFresh has made it their mission to be flexible enough to meet your schedule, dietary, and lifestyle needs. Plus their packaging is recyclable. and meal kits have a lower carbon footprint than the food we buy in the grocery store due to the short distribution channel, sourcing from local farmers and producers. The cherry on top--HelloFresh also offsets all of their carbon emissions!

HelloFresh is completely flexible. If you need to cancel, change plans, or skip a week, you can do so anytime as long as it's 5 days before delivery. You can customize your account to certain meal preferences (Meat + Veggie, Vegetarian, Carlie Smart, Family Plan, Quick and Easy, Pescatarian), and you also control how frequently you're cooking-- 2, 3, or 4 recipes per week. There are 23 recipes to choose from each week, like Tex-Mex Pork Enchilada Bowls, Mozzarella-Stuffed Caprese Burgers, Lobster Ravioli, Chicken Shoyu-Style Ramen, or Hot Honey Chicken with Roasted Veg and Potatoes (to name a few).

Try HelloFresh today and see why so many home cooks are giving HelloFresh 5 stars.

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