HelloFresh Meals Just Got Better Thanks To Neil Patrick Harris

HelloFresh Meals Just Got Better Thanks To Neil Patrick Harris

It’s official: Actor Neil Patrick Harris and celebrity chef David Burtka are partnering with HelloFresh! The celebrity couple has impeccable taste, and when we heard that they cook HelloFresh’s family-friendly recipes for their kids to enjoy a quality dinner time together, we just had to share the news!

HelloFresh is already famous for their tasty recipes, and pre-measured ingredients that ship right to your door and make cooking fresh much easier.

But by collaborating with the famous comedian Neil Patrick Harris, HelloFresh just upped their game: all their recipes are now officially chef David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris approved.

And don’t worry – the meals are super easy to make thanks to HelloFresh’s 6-step instruction cards with images.

Signing up is simple, and you get to pick the number of meals per week you’d like to receive. Their plans are super flexible and suit all dietary needs:

  • Classic
  • Vegetarian
  • Family-Friendly
  • Calorie Smart
  • Quick & Easy
  • Carb Smart
  • Flexitarian
  • Protein Rich

25+ fresh recipes every week starting at only £3.15 per serving; that’s cheaper than groceries! And now, you get to bring actor Neil Patrick Harris' favorite dishes to your dinner table like Sticky Beef & Chipotle Brown Rice Bowl with Garlic-Yoghurt Slaw — sooo saucy, hearty, and delicious! Not to forget our absolute favorite: Korean-Style Chicken Tacos with Pickled Onion & Lemon Aioli.

Neil seems to love it too:

“WOW. These are the best tacos I’ve ever made. Okay, fine, ate. David made them. In fact, he made this recipe. Actually, he made four recipes. With @hellofresh. And they’re all delicious. The kids think so too. Taste ‘em for yourself. They’re available for a limited time only.

– Neil Patrick Harris

You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity! So sign up for HelloFresh now and try the meals David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris love. Up your cooking skills with inclusive tips and change your dinner routine for the better!

Update: The folks at HelloFresh are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get up to 50% off your first four HelloFresh Deliveries!