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7 Reasons Why HelloFresh Is Your Best Buddy During Quarantine

Thinking about trying meal kits? If you haven't before, now's the perfect time to give them a taste test—especially with people still spending their days at home social distancing.

Meal kits allow you to get fresh, seasonal ingredients and chef-designed recipes delivered to your doorstep. They save you time and money, allowing you to not only avoid the stress and lines at the grocery store, but also the temptation of junk food and unhealthy takeout.

But with so many options out there, which one should you choose? We tried the main contenders, and our verdict is HelloFresh. Here's why:

Skip the Grocery Store Drama

HelloFresh specializes in contactless delivery, which is great for those who are immuno-compromised and/or want to avoid the risk of dealing with lax social distancers in the supermarket aisles. HelloFresh is classified as an essential business, so they're adhering to strict hygiene protocols and are cranking up their delivery capacity.

The Choice is Yours

HelloFresh has a huge menu of recipes to choose from, and it rotates every week. American classics, vegetarian options, global "taste tours," craft burgers, gourmet dishes, fan favorite "hall of fame" recipes, and family-friendly meals—the options are so customizable to you and your taste buds. You can also choose how many servings per recipe, and how many recipes per week you'll be delivered. Deliveries are once a week, but you can skip a week whenever you need to. Just make sure to do it five days in advance of the delivery!

The Goldilocks Syndrome

Not too little, not too much, but just right. Each ingredient from meat to condiments is pre-portioned, so you're not over-eating or over-buying while in quarantine. This means less food waste--good for your wallet and the planet.

Fresh? You Bet!

Some skeptics are worried about shipping food in the mail. Based on our experience and the thousands of customer reviews out there, HelloFresh has really figured out how to do this right, keeping produce fresh and meat chilly until you put them in your fridge.

Avoid Exorbitant Delivery Fees

HelloFresh is way cheaper than take-out, especially when delivery fees can run up to 30% these days. And they don't take advantage of the times to jack things up--there's no surge pricing. It's part of their commitment to integrity inside and outside of the kitchen. Flexible meal plans begin at just $7.49 a serving. Great for your budget!

Signing up is easy-peasy. Simply select a plan, choose from the upcoming week's recipes. If you need to skip weeks, swap recipes, pause, or even cancel, there's no hassle and no problem.

Get Cooking

Whether you're ready to star in your own reality-TV cooking show or you can't even boil water, HelloFresh will work for you. Simple step-by-step recipe cards show you how to make a superb meal. Most take about 30 minutes to prepare, but there are also 20-minute meals for those who are super hungry. And with everyone sharing the new recipes they've learned during quarantine over social media, you can get in on the fun, sharing your picture-perfect meals online too!

Share The Love

HelloFreshshows that cooking at home doesn't have to be a chore. If you're missing the summer cookouts and dinner parties you usually have, you can order HelloFresh with family or friends and cook/eat together via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime.

If you have kids, it's also the perfect way to get them off their screens and into the kitchen, where they can prep the produce and help stir the pot. They may not know it yet, but they're going to love it!

Finally, during these hard times, you also have the option to help feed someone in need by contributing the food value of a week's box to a local food bank with HelloFresh. Make dinnertime the happiest and most social part of your day--or someone else's.

During these strange times, it's great that HelloFresh is dependable. They'll take care of meal planning and shopping for food, then drop it gently at your door. No fuss, no hassle—just the fun parts of cooking. It's reassuring to know that dinner is covered, and the food you're eating is fresh, high-quality, and healthy.

Follow this link to get $80 off including free shipping on the first box!

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