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5 Reasons To Try HelloFresh Right Now

I pull into our driveway, park, and sit in the car - just to have a few uninterrupted minutes to myself. I mean, this is surreal. I'd just spent 3 hours grocery shopping and still didn't find what I needed. They were completely out of chicken, pesto, and "healthy" pizza. So I tossed a bunch of non-perishables into my cart and got out of there ASAP.

After I'd sanitized and put away the groceries, my daughter Sasha, who's 7, said, "I'm bored. I'm-bored-I'm bored-I'm bored. I'M BORED." So I improvised a scavenger hunt - sending her searching for something green, something mean, something kooky-looking, and a lollipop. That got her out of my hair.

I stared into the fridge with no clue what to make for dinner. Pepperoni pizza would have to do - for the 4th night in a row. We'd reached a tipping point. Things had to change.

My good friend Cherry suggested HelloFresh, Canada's Most Recommended Meal Kit. Would it strain my budget? Were the recipes too complicated? "No," Cherry said. "Plus, they have great kid-friendly meals." Then it dawned on me, this could be the perfect solution to Sasha's boredom. She could help me prep the meals and brush up her reading skills at the same time. Talk about homeschooling!

When our first box arrived, Sasha and I opened it to find each meal in a separate compostable bag along with recipe cards featuring gorgeous photos and simple directions. We rolled up our sleeves and dove in. Here are a few reasons why Sasha and I love HelloFresh:

Avoiding The Grocery Store

HelloFresh handles food shopping and meal planning, then ships everything directly to our doorstep so I avoid the grocery store madness. Super convenient! Plus, the ingredients are packed in a recyclable, insulated box with ice packs that keep them fresh until they reach our fridge.


Convenience is a luxury lately. But with 25 new mouthwatering recipes every week, there's something for everyone. Created by the HelloFresh culinary team, the recipes are thoroughly tested and geared toward all levels. With HelloFresh, anyone can whip up tasty, home-cooked meals.

Ordering couldn't be easier. In less than 5 minutes, I chose a personalized meal plan and selected our dinners for the week. They even have "picky-eater" recipes with meat, fish, and seasonal produce. Perfect for Sasha, who's a bit picky about veggies.

Put That Apron On

Delicious meals in 30-minutes? I didn't believe it, until I tried it! For our first meal, we made a Taco Style Beef Bowl. Sasha proudly set the bowls on the dinner table and we ate our first real meal together. Recently, we've experimented with their scrumptious international cuisines. Last night we had Glazed Teriyaki Chicken With Bok Choy and Coconut Rice. Yummm!

So Affordable

HelloFresh really helps me stick to my budget. There are so many wonderful options. They have a flexible meal plan with 2 - 4 recipes per week starting at less than $10 a serving.

Every ingredient, from meat to condiments, is pre-portioned, so I get only what I need. Less food waste is good for my wallet and for the planet — it's a win-win! Even better, there's no commitment required. I can change up our plan, skip weeks, or cancel at any time.

Local Farm-Fresh Food

Their meals feature local produce sourced directly from regional farms and suppliers so they're much fresher than the grocery store. Sooo much healthier than those so-called "healthy" frozen pizzas!

With the world as it is, our family may be living this way for a while. It's reassuring to know that the food we eat is fresh, high-quality, and good for us.

HelloFresh's flavorful seasonal recipes have turned me and my bored girl into kitchen wizards.

Follow this link to get 6 free meals + free shipping!

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