Then Vs. Now - How HelloFresh Turned Our Dinner Routine Around

Then Vs. Now - How HelloFresh Turned Our Dinner Routine Around

Editor’s Note: My husband and I had been eating the same meals in rotation for as long as we could remember. Our grocery bills were outrageous - especially recently. Plus, we were spending more time in the kitchen than we wanted; until we signed up for HelloFresh.

Here’s What Our Days Looked Like Before We Signed Up For HelloFresh

My husband Richie’s a foodie. He loves to eat - not just out of hunger but it’s almost an obsession. So, we spend a ton of time buying groceries and picking out special foods he likes. Then we’d cook together most nights a week.

With our children finally out of the house, we reduced to only cooking breakfast and lunch because they’re pretty easy meals to make. For dinner, we ordered takeout. We were sick of the same bland meals over and over again, and spending our lives in the kitchen.

But the takeout was burning holes in our wallets, and we were also packing on the kilos. On top of that, we still had to drive to the grocery store - often in traffic - then standing in line forever, and lugging enormous bags to our car.

And then, of course, all the uneaten food was going to waste. Tossing out unopened bags of pricey organic vegetables truly hurt... we had to find a solution and get our food under control!

I remembered a friend suggesting HelloFreshat our last get-together. HelloFresh is a food-box delivery service that features 25+ chef-curated recipes to choose from each week.

We always imagined that food boxes would take about the same time to prepare as cooking meals from scratch. We also worried they’d be hard on our wallet. But when we saw that HelloFresh offers plans that start at only $7.99 per serving, we had to give it a shot. And I also like how you can pause and unpause your subscription whenever you want. We signed up for a subscription and ordered the plan with 5 recipes for 2 people - the rest is history.

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Here’s How Our Days Look After Signing Up For HelloFresh

HelloFresh turned our lives around. The meals taste far better than we ever imagined. And the best part is most recipes take less than 30 minutes to prepare with zero food waste! I love that HelloFresh delivers right to your doorstep. We simply open our front door and start cooking.

We’ve been trying loads of new recipes from all around the world - the Ginger-Lemongrass Pork Bowl with Apple Slaw, Garlic Rice & Peanuts is my absolute favourite so far. Each HelloFresh meal comes with step-by-step recipe cards that Richie’s been following. He’s even conquered some advanced Gourmet recipes. He’s having real fun in the kitchen!

Thanks to HelloFresh, we're saving so much money on takeout and - believe it or not - groceries. Not to mention we have tons of time now to do those things we’d been dreaming of doing for years!

The Takeaway:

HelloFresh has helped us in so many ways. The days of shopping in our local supermarket and throwing out expired and expensive groceries are part of the past. I definitely improved my culinary skills, and Richard has found a new hobby (beyond eating).

If you need support in the kitchen, try HelloFresh. You can thank us later!

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