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HelloFresh is The Convenient Little Secret Foodies Love

I’ve been scrolling through my Instagram recently and seen nothing but plate after plate of delicious dinners. On a Wednesday! Something about this just doesn't make sense to me – how do all my friends have the time to make restaurant-quality meals during the week?

I jumped in their DMs and found the secret – it’s all in the kit. The recipe kit.

Not about to sign up for any more subscriptions, I put my phone down and went back to eating takeout. Starting a recipe kit delivery service seems like such a big commitment! I get it’s meant to simplify my lifestyle and allow me to cook easy meals at home, but I’ve been burned by locked-in subscriptions before.

My phone kept dinging with new DMs from my friends telling me all about all their kits and that “ I HAVE TO GET ONE,” but then I noticed they all use the same one: HelloFresh.

My friends have talked me into not-so-great purchases, so I decided to do some digging myself. Here’s everything I found out:

What Exactly Is A Recipe Kit Delivery Company?

Recipe kit delivery companies like HelloFresh send you a box with pre-portioned ingredients for specific recipes so you can make home-cooked meals without trekking to the supermarket, measuring out ingredients, or researching recipes.

Their aim is to streamline the cooking process and prevent you from cooking the same meals every week for years on end, or living off takeaway.

How Much Variety Do Their Plans Have?

HelloFreshhas over 35+ rotating recipes each week. You can choose your meal plan based on the number of people, what kind of recipes you like, and how many meals you’d like a week.

There’s something for everyone!

Is It Healthy?

Not only are the meals wholesome, but you can see the nutritional information and ingredients when choosing your recipes each week.

Each recipe has three to four different fruits and vegetables and HelloFresh uses between 40 and 60 different types of produce each month! You'll get healthy meals and a huge variety in what you eat.

How Long Do The Meals Take To Cook?

Around 30 minutes. No, really; that includes everything from start to finish, prep to table (really, I promise).

They now have 20-minute meals too, for the days you're really pushed for time. In about the same time it takes for takeaway to arrive, HelloFresh allows you to learn new cooking skills and eat better. It's a win-win in my book.

Mealtime Made Easy
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How Much Does It Cost?

HelloFresh costs less than $12 per meal, and prices can go as low as $7.99 per serve. It eliminates the waste associated with buying large quantities of fresh food and leaving half of them to go off, and this, in turn, saves you money.

Am I Locked Into A Subscription?

No way! Everyone has a flexible lifestyle and HelloFresh knows this. You are never committed and can pause or cancel at any time which makes things super easy.

I’ve already signed up for HelloFresh and am officially joining my friends in their weeknight gourmet spreads. It's such a convenient service and instead of stressing over dinner, I can have everything I need delivered to me and ready to go.

I’ve learned so many new things and actually enjoy cooking now. It's helped me move away from microwave meals and takeaway, and even save money. Catch me on Instagram posting all my favorite recipes any day of the week!

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