Healthy, Plant-Based Deliciousness Ready In 20-Minutes

Healthy, Plant-Based Deliciousness Ready In 20-Minutes

It happened again. I was 2 to 3 months into my latest meal kit subscription, and completely burned out. I had the pre-portioned ingredients, produce, the recipe cards – what I didn’t have was the energy or time required to cook.

In the past two years, I tried a bunch of premium meal kits that promise easy-to-prepare dinners in 30-minutes or less. But in practice, it could take me an entire hour – or more!

All I’m after is a predominantly plant-based diet that truly supports my sustainable lifestyle. Week after week, I was devastated by food waste from meals I’d failed to cook because they took forever to prepare. And the worst thing was those meals tasted completely bland, they weren’t worth my precious time.

So I canceled that subscription and went looking for a high-quality meal kit company that features delicious meals that are actually as convenient as they say.

For months, my friend Michaela had been raving about Simple Feast. She swears by their restaurant-quality recipes that are designed by award-winning Michelin-trained chefs. Their gourmet, plant-based meals are 100% organic, local, and as farm-to-table as you can get.

I had to do something, so I bit the bullet and pulled up Simple Feast on my phone. What an easy-to-navigate website; the meals looked positively mouth-watering. Plus, they’re calorie and carb conscious, protein-powered, and fiber-forward.

Each week they have 5 rotating globally inspired, plant-based meals. Basically, I can select any 3, 4 or 5 meals for either a 2-3 person box or a 4-5 person box that gets delivered weekly. So, I crossed my fingers and ordered 3 meals for 2-3 because Simple Feast’s flexible subscription allows me to adjust, skip a week or opt out at any time.

I had to give Simple Feastcredit. The box – 100% recyclable or compostable – was delivered on time and the ingredients were kept chilled by environmentally-friendly packaging.

I unpacked everything and immediately stashed it in the fridge because everything’s beyond-beyond fresh and I wanted to keep it that way. How different from the bagged carrots, broccoli, and yellowed kale from my old meal kits. Simple Feast’s ingredients are as fresh and crisp as if I’d harvested them in my backyard garden.

I was on board, although a tad doubtful. Simple Feast had two more tests to pass: convenience and taste. Bracing myself to have my chef’s heart broken once again, I prepared my first Simple Feast dinner.

In only 20-minutes I had a fully prepared meal, ready for eating. The secret? Each Simple Feast meal is already mostly prepped when the box shows up at your door. It doesn’t take long to prepare because there’s not much left to do – I simply need to chop a few things. How cool, I’m always super slow on prep so this is when I’ll gain back time. Simple Feast really does all the hard work! Whoever thought that up is a genius.

I sat down at the table, fork in hand. This is where it all falls apart. It’s going to taste like cardboard, right?

Wrong. The Shiitake-Vegetable Potstickers and Citrus Ponzu Sauce was out-of-this-world wonderful. And so was the Shawarma and Flatbreadw/ Coriander Dressed Farro Salad, Pickled Carrots & Beet Tahini. And Thursday night’s Lentil Falafel and Chickpea Hummus was amazing. Every single meal I’ve had is so tasty, I’m staying with Simple Feast.

Delicious, Healthy, and Sustainable, Simple Feast Brings Delightful Plant-Based, Taste Experiences Right To Your Home. Follow This Link To Build Your Healthy Meal Box!

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