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Creating A Sleep Routine With Hatch Restore Is Easy

One would think after a long day of work and chasing the kids around the house, I would be exhausted. I would love to fall asleep the second my head touches the pillow, but unfortunately, that doesn't happen. I lie in bed tossing and turning for hours before I fall asleep - only to be woken up a few hours later.

My kids are out of school for the summer and I can only imagine how much more I am in store for. My kids are young and sleeping through the night is sometimes a challenge. Every time one of them wakes up, inevitably they all wake up and that's the end of my sleep.

I needed to find something that would help my whole house sleep soundly through the night. I saw an advertisement for Hatch, a night light and sound machine that blocks out unwanted noise. The sleep aid worked so well - my kids fell asleep much easier and slept through naptime. It was a great investment.

Although Hatch helped my children, I was still only getting 6 hours of sleep a day and tossing and turning so much during the night. I couldn't remember the last time I wasn't exhausted or needed less than two cups of coffee before starting work. I knew I needed something beyond a night light and sound machine to cure my restless nights. That's when I looked into Hatch and realized they have an adult version called Hatch Restore.

Not only does Hatch Restore work as a noise machine and night light, but it's also a smart sleep aid, sunrise alarm, meditation guide, and reading light all in one!

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It is a simple machine that connects to your phone through the app (which can be installed through the app store) and gives you access to an entire library of sleep stories, meditations, and soundscapes. It helped me develop a good sleep schedule through different exercises that have eventually conditioned me to be sleepy or alert at the right times. It is designed by sleep experts and I knew it helped my kids.

So, I decided to give it a try and it looked great on my nightstand (it goes perfectly with the aesthetics of any room). I added my schedule in the app along with a 7-minute breathing exercise, hoping it would help me sleep better. I even started reading again, their Peach light is not as bright as my overhead light but not too dull either (the perfect mood lighting).

Reading and falling asleep to the white noise helped me relax and although I was still sleeping 6-7 hours a night, those are hours I slept without disturbance and that's a start. I normally wake up to either a blaring alarm or the kids crying but now the gentle sunrise light is the first thing I see.

Hatch Restore has not just helped me with my sleep but also helped me calm down. After a long day at work and then preparing dinner and everything, I never had five minutes for myself. Hatch Restore has helped me develop a routine, I could read and fall asleep to white noise along with a few minutes of meditation and sleep stories.

While signing up to Hatch Restore I also got access to an ever-growing library of sleep sounds and stories. I've built a custom bedtime routine so after I'm done getting the kids ready for bed, I'm able to wind down with a relaxing story before falling asleep to the sound of waves on a beach.

I was used to chasing after kids, battling insomnia through the night, and being incredibly stressed out. Hatch Restore has helped me calm down and develop a sleep routine that allows me to get the best sleep I can.

The Hatch Restore has changed my sleep and can change yours too!

You deserve better sleep - start enjoying a restful night's sleep with Hatch Restore! Follow this link for free 2 day shipping on your order at checkout!

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