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The Smart Device That Can Help Get Your Teen’s Sleep Routine In Check

Sleep is important for everyone - especially teenagers. Teenagers require 8 -10 hours of sleep per night for brain development and all the other changes going on inside their bodies, but their unique internal clocks really don't line up with school.

So, yes: scientifically, it really is more difficult for teenagers to wake up on time. According to The Sleep Foundation1, teens are designed to be night owls, and don't tend to really get tired until 11pm. This delayed sleep schedule would be fine, if most high schools didn't begin around 7 in the morning.

Going back to school this year and getting back into an early morning routine is going to be tougher than ever. Teens are just not set up to be early birds, but falling asleep in class doesn't set them up for a successful school year. And if you can't rally the whole district for a new school schedule, there are a few tricks you can use to set your kids up for successful mornings.

Setting a sleep routine is so important. While their internal clock doesn't let them wind down till almost midnight, by setting and following a routine every night it can actually help them go to bed earlier and wake up more easily. And I know what you're thinking - what teen is actually going to listen to their bedtime? But Hatch Restore, a smart sleep device, makes it easy to follow a sleep schedule - all from an app on their phone!

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The Hatch Restoreis a sunrise alarm, along with a meditation guide, and a reading light. Your teen can create a bedtime routine that'll help them get to bed earlier and make school mornings a breeze. If they're a bookworm, they can design a routine that includes reading for 20 minutes and a 10 minute meditation session before drifting off to the sound of ocean waves as the light slowly dims. Each routine is totally customizable and there are so many sleep exercises, stories, and sounds to choose from!

Mornings get a little bit brighter (literally) with the sunrise feature. Instead of a blaring phone alarm, your teen can wake up to the gradual brightening (sunrise) of the Hatch Restoreand chirping birds. There are tons of amazing sounds and color options, so there's something for everyone.

There's nothing more important for teenagers than a good night's sleep, and if you're pulling teeth to force them to go to bed and get out of it on time, there's an easier, gentler way.

Sure, your teens may never be early birds, but if you give them the resources to enjoy going to bed and waking up, they might just surprise you.

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