If You Haven’t Heard About Hatch Restore Yet, You Are Missing Out!

If You Haven’t Heard About Hatch Restore Yet, You Are Missing Out!

  • Research shows that 58% of people are struggling with sleep, and there has been a 20% increase in sleep medication use. This has been named coronasomnia by Lisa Medalie, PsyD (Campbell, Healthline,2021)
  • A lot of people are using the help of devices like Hatch Restore to set their sleep schedules in order.
  • Read our full review below or visit hatch.co now

Sleep has become a big problem recently. Our normal routines and habits have been thrown out the window, and research shows it's our sleep patterns that have been feeling the effects most of all. So how do we get our sleep into a routine again? We have tried camomile tea, milk before bed and so many other home remedies but none of them seem to do the trick. That's when we started researching alternative methods.

We looked at a few and found Hatch Restore- a smart sleep assistant that combines sleep sounds, sunrise alarm, and reading light. It is a device that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Our editor decided to test it out and see if it actually works. Read her honest review:

When my Hatch Restore arrived, it was packed perfectly and didn't need much to set up. It just needed WiFi and the App which is available at both the Apple store (iOS 13 or higher) and Android Google Play Store (Marshmallow or higher).

It doesn't have too many buttons and unnecessary cables (we all hate those). It works at the soft touch of a button or can be controlled through the app. I was most excited to try their Natural Sunrise Alram, which mimicks a real sunrise and helps your body wake up in a more natural way.

Hatch not only helps make waking up easier but also works to help you develop a schedule to fall asleep faster. The first thing I did was set my schedule through the app. With Hatch Restore I can pick what time I want to fall asleep, how long I want to meditate or read, and what time I need to be woken up. I can even pick the hues and what exactly works for me and what sleep stories I want to listen to. I set up different schedules for weekdays and weekends- I really needed my weekend sleep-ins.

Once that was good to go it was time to test it out my first night with Hatch Restore. The first thing I did was pick my perfect mood lighting. I loved the Purple Night setting; it had just the right hue and glow to make me feel relaxed and calm before I could get to sleep.

Hatch Restore comes with a reading light that has different hues, so I can read a chapter while relaxing with a warm hue at the same time.

Reading always calms me down but my husband goes to bed so early that I used to use my phone light to read. Luckily, Hatch Restore light isn't too bright so my husband can sleep while I still have enough light to read without straining my eyes.

Hatch Restore even has a wind-down section with specific sounds that help you relax and meditate.

After purchasing my Hatch Restore I had access to a premium free trial- an in-app subscription that gives me access to an ever-growing library of sleep sounds, meditation, and sleep stories.

Once I realized how amazing it was to sleep with Hatch Restore, it was time to see if waking up was as easy as falling asleep. Hatch Restore has a sunrise feature, once I set the time, it would wake me up gently, mimicking a natural sunrise.

Again, I could pick which sunrise I wanted and the Malibu Sunrise or the Morning Stroll are my favorites, the gentle sunrise happens before my alarm rings (I don't really need an alarm anymore).

My husband and I felt so much more energized with the sunrise alarm - it wakes me up gradually and gently (I don't need my three shots of espresso).

I never knew how much energy I could have just by getting a good night's rest. I have a sleep schedule again and it's the best thing I could do for myself.

For my fellow restless sleepers - it's time to get your sleep routine back on track! Invest in your sleep again with Hatch Restore, and start getting the rest you deserve.

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