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Hatch Restore v. Philips Smart Sleep

We compared the two sleep helpers.

Sleep is such a big part of staying healthy; but do we really get our eight hours of sleep every night?

The way the world is today, we're all addicted to our devices; be it laptops or cellphones. Some of us even fall asleep looking at a screen. We miss the days when you could spend endless hours reading a book, even that has gone digital.

More and more people are wearing glasses, experiencing headaches and restless sleep. It's high time we find a device that can optimize your sleep routine.

We looked at a number of products and have narrowed it down to our top two. Our editors prefer the Hatch Restore compared to the Philips Smart Sleep and here's what we found:


  • Both have a natural sunrise wake-up that wakes you easily, rather than a jangling alarm
  • Both have an adjustable light so no need for an overly bright light
  • Both have smart touch displays for easy device control


  • Hatch Restore has a range of sleep sounds, wake up sounds meditation and sleep stories, whereas the Smart Sleep by Philips only has wake up alarm sounds
  • Philips Smart Sleep has a midnight light function - a soft light to guide you in the dark
  • Hatch Restore has a wind-down function - Relax your body and mind
  • Philips Smart Sleep adjusts the light to your room's brightness, Hatch Restore offers natural light, not a harsh blue light
  • Hatch Restore offers you more features for less money as compared to the Philips Smart Sleep
  • Hatch Restore looks better in your bedroom aesthetically as compared to the clunky and big Philips Smart Sleep

Hatch Restore Overview

Hatch Restore is an ingenious device that focuses on all areas of your sleep routine, from falling asleep to waking up. You keep Hatch Restore beside your bed and sync to your cell phone. Set your favorite sounds and personalize your sleep routine, it's that easy. You can completely customize your new sleep routine from the app, and then put your phone away and control everything on the device itself.

The device has incredible functions, like a Natural Sunrise Alarm that gently wakes you. With calming sunrise hues, illuminating your room before your alarm blares. You'll be ready to take on the day after being woken up in a more subtle manner.

Our minds are running full speed all day long which is why the Hatch Restore wind-down system is such a game-changer. Simply customize it with music or sounds that will help you relax and shut your mind off.

You can also use Hatch Restore to set the mood, using lighting and sound to relax perfectly. It has a subtle reading light that eliminates the need for a harsh lamp, and you can even schedule time for reading when you set up your routine.

Hatch has a wide library of sleep sounds that help you fall asleep and stay asleep. When you purchase a Hatch Restore, you also get a six-month subscription to Hatch Premium which grants access to an unlimited number of sleep sounds.

For a price of $129.95, you get a lot from Hatch Restore. Sleep schedules are not just for kids.

Hatch Restore
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Philips Smart Sleep Overview

There are a number of different machines out there to help you sleep better. We tried the Philips Smart Sleep and its true stand out was the sunrise alarm. Over the course of 30 minutes, the light gradually grows from soft morning red to orange until your room is filled with bright yellow light.

Philips Smart Sleep's auto display light adjusts with the brightness of your room (kinda like your cell phone light). The brighter the room the brighter your Smart Sleep light, and vice versa. There's a midnight function, just tap on the device and it gives your room a glow to guide you around during the night.

The device comes with 7 different natural wake-up sounds. After you select your sound, the volume gradually increases to your optimal level within a minute and a half. There's also a snooze button and after nine minutes, the sound will play again. We liked the features we tried, but they were super limited compared to Hatch Restore. We need help with all areas of our nighttime routine--waking up is just one component. With Hatch Restore, you can completely overhaul your entire routine, which we found to be a lot more effective.

The Philips Smart Sleep costs $ 179.95 and takes 3-6 days to arrive.

Final Thoughts

Our editors tried both the Hatch Restore and the Philips Smart Sleep. Although they may sound similar, the Hatch Restore has a lot more functions than the Philips Smart Sleep.

We love that Philips has the midnight light, so we can walk around the room at night without tripping. But is that enough? No. With Hatch Restore we can schedule our sleep, set a wind-down routine, meditate, shut off from the world for a few minutes, and enjoy soothing sleep sounds throughout the night.

Our editors love Hatch Restore, it really works for us - and will work for you, too.

You deserve better sleep. Say goodbye to restless nights and start enjoying the 8 hours of sleep you've been dreaming of with Hatch Restore!