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We Found The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

Mother's Day is coming up soon and we're completely out of gift ideas. Who hasn't given flowers, bottles of wine, and spa days? But let's face it, those gifts are old. If you want to give your mom something actually useful this year, our editors have you covered.

We checked into gifts that will help alleviate stress and found exactly what your mom will love - the gift of sleep.

Meet Hatch Restore, a brilliant smart sleep device that functions as a gentle sunrise alarm, sound machine, and reading light. reading light, sound machine, and gentle sunrise alarm. It's everything your mom needs to get the quality sleep she deserves.

Hatch Restore helps you personalize your sleep routine so you focus on your sleep and make it a priority. With their app (compatible with iOS and Android), simply set the time you'd like to fall asleep.

Once you establish your personalized nighttime and morning routine - from timing to light color to sound options - you can put your phone away and control everything on the device itself.

When one purchases a Hatch Restore, they gain access to a 6-month free trial for the Hatch Premium app. This unlocks a wide range of sleep features, meditations, and wind-down sounds. Any wind-down content will really help your mom de-stress and calm her mind for the most restful sleep.

On top of helping her fall asleep and stay asleep, Hatch Restore's incredible sunrise alarm helps your mom rise in a more natural way. The device turns a different color mimicking a natural sunrise according to her wake-up settings. The colors gradually change allowing your mother to wake up gently unlike those jarring smartphone alarms.

This mellow alarm provides peaceful sounds of nature so your mom can greet the day in a positive way!

And if reading is what your mom does to relax, she'll love the reading light that comes in a variety of soft hues that counteract the annoying blue light from our screens.

Gifts are meant to be useful, but Hatch Restore is far more than that. It's sleek and compact and goes with every bedroom aesthetic. With a solid sleep routine that makes mom willingly put her phone down and precious time just for herself. It's definitely the gift that keeps on giving. Plus, it will transform your mom's life.

So, if you need an excellent mother's day present, our editors highly recommend the Hatch Restore!

You deserve better sleep. Start enjoying a restful night's sleep with Hatch Restore today!

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