Do Harry's Razors Live Up To The Hype?

Do Harry's Razors Live Up To The Hype?

Tried by over 10 million men

Who would've thought that I'd have to drive 4 hours up north to visit my brother, Olly.

Gone are the days of our over-priced, 2-bed flat in Clapham, which I don't really miss as neither of us knew how to clean. Everything we did we did together, even when we were younger. We both can't get enough of rugby, and every year we watch the 6 nations together. We do almost kill each other all the time too, but that's brothers for you, right?

Anyway, I had a free weekend, and Olly had tickets to a Leeds match, so I made the trip to Bradford. We had such a great weekend - the match was terrible, but at least we got to bring my niece and nephew, who both loved it.

The next morning after my shower, I needed to shave. Of course, I forgot to bring my razor, but my brother and I have always used the same, so I thought I'd just use his. "What the hell is that," I thought as I picked up his dark navy razor. This isn't the razor we use! I put it back down and decided I didn't need a shave after all.

I asked my brother what was up with the new razor and where our usual one was. "I don't use those overpriced things anymore," he said. But why? We've used them since we started shaving years ago. These new Harry's razors are so much better he told me, they give the smoothest shave and are reasonably priced.

He couldn't recommend Harry's enough, but I'd been using the same reliable brand for years, so why would I change now? I was slightly curious, especially about the price, so I looked up Harry's to see what it's all about.

First thing I saw was they had been tried by over 10 million guys! I kept looking and realized it was a lot more affordable than what I was currently paying for razors because there's less of a mark-up. Harry's own a factory in Germany that produces all of their blades, and have been making blades there for over 100 years!

Plus, I wouldn't have to go to the shop to buy them, they come right to my door, and with their subscription, I would never forget them again. Fresh blades just when I need them, that would be a nice change.

But the thought of changing was a little daunting...what if Harry's didn't give me a better shave? Then I saw they had a trial set, and you just pay £3.95 for delivery. At that price, I could give it a go to see what all the hype was about.

I went with the orange Truman handle and was excited to try it once it arrived. It also came with shaving gel, so I tried both of them out. I didn't think I'd be saying this, but it was an amazing shave. Who knew my old razor was overpriced?

Harry's has a handy precision trimmer. The weighted ergonomic handle and flex hinge make shaving super comfortable and incredibly easy.

I couldn't believe I was using my old razor for so long. I signed up for the subscription, so my new Harry's razor blades would come right to my door every 3 months. Plus, if I ever wanted to, I could pause or cancel it so easily.

Once I tell my brother about my new Harry's subscription, I will never hear the end of it! But he was so right, Harry's razors are great for quality and price.

Try them for yourself, you get everything you need in your trial set for just £3.95. Plus, use coupon code FACELATHER for a FREE stone-scented travel-sized Shower Gel!

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