4 Ways To Create A Happier Apartment This Winter

4 Ways To Create A Happier Apartment This Winter

Now that we are fully in the throes of winter, things are seeming a little… bleak. I have to rip down all of my amazing decorations from the holidays, and it’s too cold for me to leave my house.

Even without the holiday decor, my apartment is still well-decorated. My room is curated to my tastes and provides all of the comfort I could possibly need. Everyone loves hanging out in my home, but sometimes I do not.

I recently read a Washington Post article about how to make your apartment “happier,” although I couldn’t imagine how. I have 1250 square feet of limited space. I roam around the same five rooms a day and sit in the same spot on the same couch.

I find myself pacing around the apartment looking for things to do; something to disrupt the monotony of my day. I feel claustrophobic in my own home. Even if I like the decor, I’m looking for things I can change to settle my anxiety.

There’s something about making the slightest change in your space to completely turn your mental health around. It’s intoxicating. I now get the appeal of spring cleaning.

If you’re anything like me and want to make your home happier during this gray days, take some tips from WaPo and others to completely turn your blah home around. Restore your oasis and take back your sanctuary by following these tips.

Go Green

Timothy Buck via Unsplash

One of the most popular interior decorating trends of recent years: fake vines strung from the ceiling. While the trend may die out, adding some life into your space by getting live plants is a great way to improve your mood.

I opted for the potted plant route this season – it gives me something to watch grow and take care of. Plus it’s low maintenance so I have a low risk of killing the plant - and thus my dreams - and it makes my space look brighter.

Fill Your Home With Bright Colors

Dan Gold via Unsplash

Everything is darker in winter. The sun isn’t out for as long and the skies are often cloudier, which means you’re not getting as much natural light as you need.

Fill your home with light colors. Whether that be painting the walls an eggshell white or soft yellow, or just decorating with light accents, it’ll brighten up your room and give the illusion that it’s bigger.

Spring Clean Early

Dada Design via Unsplash

There’s nothing more satisfying than getting a good deep-clean in. Take the time spent inside to get rid of unnecessary furniture and household clutter. Steam your floors and re-compartmentalize your drawers.

Set yourself up for success early so you can spend more leisure time in the warm months outside. It’ll help open up some space in your house and your mind.

Decorate With Paints

Stephanie Harvey via Unsplash

Filling your walls with decor you find aesthetically pleasing is important. Landscapes and nature shots can help your home feel more upbeat without putting too much effort in.

It can be pics shot from vacations past or idyllic photos of your dream spot. Either way, it’ll brighten your room without creating extra clutter on your floors.

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