Stop Arguing About Cleaning And Book Handy

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In an ideal world, chores should be split 50/50 between you and your partner—you take out the garbage, I'll wipe down the counters, you make the bed, I'll put the clothes away—but studies show that women typically wind up doing the bulk of the cleaning around the house, creating an uneven balance that can strain a relationship.

Truth is, no one really wants to factor cleaning into their daily schedule. That's where Handy comes into the mix.

Handy connects you with cleaning professionals at an affordable price with flexible timing that's convenient for you. Sort of like Uber for cleaning services.

With Handy, you can arrange for a background-checked professional to come to your home to make your bathtub sparkle or make your oven Mother-in-Law-approved. You can schedule cleanings regularly—monthly, biweekly, or weekly—so your house will stay clean.

Using Handy to book a professional cleaning service may very well save your messy home and, by extension, the wellbeing of your relationship.

Read to discover the 4 things couples fight about the most when it comes to housework.

1. Folding the laundry: washing and drying aren't too bad, but that third step is killer. If you happen to have a washer and dryer in your house or apartment, a cleaning Pro can save you loads (get it?!) of time by washing and neatly folding everything. That way, there's more time to catch up on those Netflix episodes together instead.

2. Taking out the trash: Taking out the recycling and garbage is the one household task that men are more likely to do than women, but that doesn't mean it's what they want to do at the end of a long day. You can find a professional to take out all the garbage, sort the recycling, or fix that compost heap. No more passive-aggressive hints towards your partner while the garbage overflows from the bin.

3. Bathroom duties: The bathroom may just be the neediest room in the house. The tub, sink, and toilet need regular cleaning and scrubbing to prevent mold, odors, and gross-looking grime. It can be pretty time-consuming to keep up with it all, especially when the bathroom is shared between two or more people. Book a cleaner through Handy and spend less time wiping down his facial hair trimmings and more time seeking the perfect his and her towels.

4. Vacuuming/Sweeping/Mopping: When is the last time you or your s. o. paid any mind to what your floors look like? Chances are, the hardwood is dusty or dull, and the carpet's ready for a good vacuuming. You could blame your partner for not staying on top of it, or you could hire a professional to clean every floor surface the way it should be.

A clean house is possible, even for the busiest of couples. It no longer has to be something to argue over or make time in your day for. Instead, Handy will help you find the solution—safe and effective cleaning professionals, flexible schedules, and the right tools to get your home cleaned the way you want it.

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