Sick Of Cleaning? Read On.

Sick Of Cleaning? Read On.

You would think spending more time at home would mean you have even more time to clean it.

But no, I have never fallen so behind on all my basic cleaning-- even laundry these days.

I feel like I could spend all day cleaning to just turn around to another mess. Just because I'm at home a lot more doesn't mean I've loads of extra time to clean. Plus I have been doing everything I previously was (if not more) all from my home.

Working, working out, eating all three meals plus multiple snacks, relaxing, and even socializing (from behind a screen) - all from home. My house has never seen so much activity, every inch is being used for the first time ever. No wonder there's always some part of it that is constantly messy and in need of a serious clean.

I've just accepted that keeping a home tidy while living every part of your life from it is tough. And maybe I need help, professional help. Spring is approaching fast and I want my space to feel fresh and clean after a tough winter.

Having a cleaner come to my home has never crossed my mind before but if I ever needed a helping hand it was now.

After a quick search, it was obvious that not all cleaning services are equal and I needed to be careful with my choice. After a lot of research, I found Handy, a platform that connects you with cleaning professionals in your area.

Handy has an app and a website so everything is done online, you can book in minutes and sign up for a weekly, biweekly, or monthly plan across all 7 days a week from 7 am-11 pm. The Handy plans are super flexible, and the Pros are efficient, professional, and amazing.

I did feel more reassured knowing that Handy background checks and vets all the Pros booked through their platform. A few days later looking at the oh holy mess I created in my home in only a few days had me thinking about Handy again. Before I knew it I was back on their website and reading about how I could specify how and what I wanted to be cleaned along with so many extras services like cleaning inside the fridge, oven, cupboards, and even laundry was making me think strongly about signing up.

Then once I checked out their affordable prices and read the Handy Happiness Guarantee I knew I had nothing to lose. If I'm not happy with my cleaning they will work to make it right.

I'm planning on signing up for a bi-weekly cleaning plan from Handy, so a Pro can come twice a month and help me stay on top of the mess. Another great feature of the app is being able to track the progress of cleaning so you don't have to be in.

I'm already excited with the anticipation of my professionally cleaned home. I'm so ready to get a head start on spring cleaning with some much needed help. Getting back on top of my cleaning is going to be easier than I thought, thanks to Handy.

*The Handy Safety Standard shows they not only care but have an action plan to prioritize the health and safety of the professionals and customers. All Pros are required to wear face coverings during bookings, but they must also complete daily in-app checkups to confirm they are in good health before they claim a booking.

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