3 Times Handy’s Got Your Back This Holiday Season

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Let Handy help you be stress free this holiday season

Life is speeding up - no denying it. Especially as the year winds down and we head into a new decade. The 2020s! How did that happen?

As the holidays approach, the to-do list grows longer - like a massive snowball of guilt barreling down upon you, gaining speed and momentum. Like, the faster you go, the more you do, you're stuck in the same place. No-no, worse. You're so far behind; you'll never catch up. And that gigantic snowball will flatten you.

I mean, isn't this the season you're supposed to take it easy and connect with your family, chow down on turkey, ham, and dozens of pies? And then - Joy-To-The-World! - you're obliged to splurge on the perfect presents for everyone you've ever met, including the lady mailman.

This year, don't let holiday chores wipe you out, Handy can connect you with topnotch house cleaning professionals in your area.

This Thanksgiving - Get Grateful

Handy provides upfront pricing that's more affordable than you might expect. For greater discounts, sign on for a cleaning plan that includes weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleanings.

This Thanksgiving, why not book two Home Cleanings - one just before Turkey Day, and another just after - so you sustain your home's clean, calm ambiance, without lifting a finger. Although, you may need to lift a finger to manage your account on Handy's convenient app. Simply specify the tasks you need to tackle, and your Pro will arrive on time, ready to go!

You just may love this cleaning service thing.

Surprise Holiday Visits? - No Problem

Say your daughter texts - at the last minute - that she's bringing home her college roommates on Saturday. And it's Thursdaynight. What she doesn't know is her sweet, Little-girl bedroom is now a dumping ground for the recycling, the attic boxes, and the broken treadmill. Plus, she left a sea of dirty, rumpled clothes all over the floor . . .

Hey, don't freak out. Handy can have bookings available as soon as next-day. During the checkout process, add Laundry Wash & Dry as an extra. On top of that, all the Cleaning Pros on Handy have been vetted and background-checked.

Sit Back. Relax. Your Cleaning Pro will wash, dry, and even fold that laundry!

New Year - New Lifestyle

With the meals devoured, gifts gifted, and the guests gone - you are sooo ready for a Deep Cleaning Service. Leave 2019 in the dust - 'cause you booked a Pro for January 3rd. It's time for an extra deep clean in the bathrooms, the kitchen. Time to get inside those cabinets, into the fridge, even the oven.

Spending days with your family over the holidays - in the final weeks of this decade - is priceless. And the best present of all is your actual presence in your family's lives. Everyone together in the same sparkling clean room.

With Handy, give the gift of quality time - a present that will resonate this coming year and all the years to come.

Update:The folks at Handy are extending a Special offer to our readers. For a limited time, follow this link to get a special offer on a cleaning plan!For a limited time follow this link to get a special offer on a cleaning plan!

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