I Tried Hairstory's New Wash. Here's My Honest Review

I Tried Hairstory's New Wash. Here's My Honest Review

There's just something about this time of year that makes me want to breathe new life into my routines. Even though I'm a few years out of college, that back to school energy gets me every time, and I always find myself looking for new clothes and products.

One ritual I always had, from elementary school through college, was to get my haircut right before class started again. Now that I'm older, that ritual has phased out, but my hair could still definitely use some attention.

My hair tends to be dry, but somehow always looks greasy the day after I wash it (doesn't make sense, I know!). I try to combat this by switching up shampoo brands, but after a while, they all end up leaving my hair the same way-- lifeless and dry.

I told myself that some people just don't have great hair, but I would love to give it some serious TLC in the hopes of making it a little healthier. A few weeks ago, I saw an Instagram post about Hairstory and their hair wash cleanser called New Wash.

They claim to debunk the whole shampoo and condition routine and replace it with one product that's free of all of the damaging toxins found in almost all store-bought brands. The more I read into it, the more I realized how harmful shampoos could be, so I thought why not… and signed up for my first New Wash non-shampoo with Hairstory.

The first thing I noticed was how Hairstory gets that everyone's hair is different, so they have a 23-question quiz to help you find which are the right products for your hair goals. The quiz asks questions like how thick is your hair? How often do you wash it? What is your texture and length? Also, what products do you use on your hair? From there, they narrow down their three formulas and let you know which one is best for you.

Hairstory are completely transparent about what goes into their products, and their New Wash is packed with repairing ingredients like Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, "Jojoba" seed oil, "Evening Primrose" oil, Sunflower seed oil, Peppermint oil, Rose oil, along with several other non-harmful ingredients. New Wash is also free of detergents, parabens and sulfates, and is certified biodegradable.

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New Wash costs $40 for 8 oz (which lasts approximately 50 washes on average, depending on how long your hair is). I was also going from two products and sometimes hair masks and deep conditioners, which meant I would save a lot by eliminating all of the unnecessary products that weren't giving me the results I wanted.

My New Wash arrived on time in a pouch along with a reusable aluminum container. Hairstory's Refill Club allows you to subscribe and save on every order, plus there's free shipping. Every 14 weeks (there's also other delivery options), Hairstory sends a New Wash refill in a pouch that you simply have to add to the aluminum container. This means I'm also cutting down on my plastic waste, too.

After the first wash, I didn't see a big difference, but Hairstory is open about the fact that it might take your hair a couple of washes to get used to it. But I will say, my hair definitely felt clean. After wash two, the difference was really starting to show. My hair felt a lot more hydrated, and it stayed looking clean for 3 days!

After seeing the difference Hairstory made after only 2 washes, I wondered what was in all of the past products I had been trying. I never knew that most shampoos contain some of the same ingredients that are found in cleaning products! Even though they foam up and feel amazing, they are actually stripping away our scalp's natural protective oils, so our scalp's end up overproducing oils to try and replace what the shampoo and conditioner have taken away. What a vicious cycle!

Hairstory's New Wash helps you break that cycle. Their cruelty-free cleanser allows your scalp to breathe and get back to its natural rhythm, leaving your hair healthier and less damaged. Plus, your hair color will last longer because New Wash doesn't strip and you don't need to wash as often (I really love my Blonde highlights).

After a few weeks using New Wash, my hair is in a much better place. Lucky for me, Hairstory also has styling products like Hair Balm, Powder(dry shampoo) and Sprays for texturizing and volume.

Hairstory has given my hair a new lease of life, and I'm so here for it. Their products are safe, effective and the results were more than I could have hoped for!

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