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Everything You Need To Know About Hairstory's New Wash

If this year taught us anything, it's that maybe we don't need to wash our hair as much as we do. More and more people have been discovering that frequent shampooing can strip your natural oils.

One product that people have been raving about is Hairstory's New Wash. You see, it's not shampoo or conditioner.

It's a sulfate-free alternative to shampoo that also conditions. It cleans without detergent, and its natural ingredients never strip away your hair's protective barrier. Users are claiming that this product has made their hair the healthiest it's ever been!

Curious about New Wash? Here are all your questions answered.

How do they know what my hair needs?

Hairstory knows that everyone has their own unique hair story, and that no two heads of hair are the same. With that in mind, they have a 23-question quiz to help you find which are the right products for you, and show you how to tailor them for your hair to bring out the best of your hair.

They ask questions about what you use to wash your hair, how often you wash it, how soon it gets oily, your hair thickness, texture and length, and what tools you use on your hair. Then, they'll save your answers and use them to decide which of the 3 formulas, and what reorder frequency, makes the most sense for you.

What's the difference between sulfate-free shampoos and regular shampoos?

Shampoo that contains sulfates and other detergents over-clean your hair. If it foams, it means it strips away your scalp's natural protective oils, so our body ends up overproducing oils in response. Plus, we try to replace some of the moisture that's stripped away by using a conditioner, and our hair is greasy again in no time. Unfortunately, this cycle is not good for your hair.

When you think about it, people used to use soap to wash their face before realizing that a gentle cleanser is much better for their skin and won't dry it out. The same applies to your hair and scalp. Shampoo is like soap for your hair, and Hairstory's New Wash is a gentle cleanser.

New Wash's natural ingredients break the vicious cycle and let your scalp calm down, leaving your hair healthier, less frizzy and damaged, and looking way better. Plus, by not using detergents, your color will last longer.

What kind of ingredients do they use?

New Wash doesn't have any harsh chemicals. It includes Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, "Jojoba" seed oil, "Evening Primrose" oil, Sunflower seed oil, Peppermint oil, Rose oil, as well as many other non-harmful ingredients for conditioning and strengthening your hair, like keratin. Because of its lack of toxic ingredients, New Wash is certified as inherently biodegradable, too. It's so safe that a lot of parents are comfortable using it on their young children, and even on their face as a cleanser.

How long will it take my hair to get used to it?

This solely depends on you and your hair type. If you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner a few times a week, it could take a few washes for your hair to fully transition to not using it. Some people have no transition issues, but on average it can take 2-4 weeks of using New Wash'til the results are fully set in.

People with thick or curly hair may have more ease making the switch, whereas those with finer and oiler hair tend to have a longer transition period, but boy is it worth it in the end! Users report the shiniest, healthiest hair they've ever had!

How much does it cost?

It costs $40 for 8 oz., which may seem like a lot, but that one bottle lasts a whole 50 days on average. It's an investment work making; you're going from two hair products (shampoo & conditioner) to one, and your hair will be much healthier and less frizzy, so no need to use any hair masks, detanglers, or deep conditioners. Overall, you'll end up saving money on hair products and getting the healthiest hair you've ever had. The larger sizes will also save you %!

How do the refills work?

Hairstoryhas a Refill Club, where members can subscribe and get a discount on their New Wash, plus free shipping! Refill Club members receive an aluminum refillable container equipped with a convenient pump dispenser. Every 10-14 weeks you'll be sent a pouch to refill your bottle.

How is Hairstory sustainable for the environment?

The sulfates and detergents used in most shampoos and conditioners are the same ones found in strong cleaning products. Not only are these bad for our hair, it is well known at this stage that these chemicals are bad for the environment as they are toxic to aquatic organisms. Hairstory is sulfate and detergent free.

On top of that, Hairstory's refill club means less plastic consumption in the household. plastic can release harmful chemicals into the surrounding ecosystem, causing harmful effects. It's hard to reduce plastic usage nowadays, but just making this shift reduces the carbon footprint of packaging by 77%.

If you'd like to treat your hair better, reduce the number of products you use, and have the healthiest hair of your life, Hairstory's New Wash is your answer. It's good for your hair, the environment, and it's super convenient. Try it, you won't regret it

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