Why I’m Keeping My Green Chef Subscription in 2022

Why I’m Keeping My Green Chef Subscription in 2022

Every new year I say the same thing— THIS is the year I’m going to start eating better.

But I fall back into my old habits Every. Single. Time.

I even signed up for a meal kit last year—I swore I’d never do that! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the convenience of having pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards for meals I’d selected delivered right to my doorstep every week.

Although I got into a better routine, that service’s produce was subpar and the meals weren’t as healthy as I’d aimed for. So I went looking for a more nutritious meal kit. And that’s when a friend recommended Green Chef, saying it’s the #1 meal kit for eating well.

Doubting it would be much different, I checked it out.

Here are three reasons I’m upgrading to Green Chef in 2022:

Green Chef has lots of specialty diets

I’ll admit I was immediately impressed with the number of diets that Green Chef caters to. They have options for Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Fast n Fit, and more. I’ve always wanted to try more keto meals, but never knew what to cook besides the basics. Green Chef makes it so easy.

Green Chef
Pre-Portioned Fresh Ingredients
Delivered To Your Door

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Green Chefs starts at only $11.99 per serving

When I think about the amount I’ve spent on takeout over the last 12 months, it’s embarrassing. With the app’s added service charges, delivery fees, and tips, one serving could set me back $25! I love that Green Chef allows me to eat well while offering convenience, as well as staying affordable. $11.99 per serving is an amazing value for my money.

Green Chef has fresher ingredients

One thing that immediately stands out is the freshness of Green Chef’s food. The meat is always super fresh and the vegetables are never bruised or wilted—which I can’t say about other meal kits I’ve tried. Not to mention, Green Chef is USDA certified organic, so I can be sure the ingredients are coming from a good source.

I can’t believe how tasty Green Chef is too. The chef-curated, ever-changing menu features tons of global cuisines like Spicy Chilli Beef & Veggie Stir Fry, Orange Miso Udon Bowl, and Black Bean Flautas.

If you want to improve your eating habits in 2022, check out Green Chef.

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