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I Didn’t Think I Could Find A Sustainable Energy Source Until I Tried Arcadia Power

I have been with the same energy provider since forever, never thinking about where the energy actually comes from. That was until my very environmentally conscious friend told me all about Arcadia.

He told us that the energy we use every day in our homes and workplaces comes mostly from fossil fuels, as decided by the utility companies, with no say from us at all. The power we use every day is our biggest contributor to our carbon footprint, so my friend wanted to change that. And that's when he found Arcadia - a free tech platform that matches your utilities with clean energy sources such as wind and solar energy.

It sounded really complicated and messy to me, and I didn't want to confuse a simple and easy service I already had. But when he mentioned that using Arcadia has actually saved him money, I decided to look into it. Here is what I found out about Arcadia.

Arcadia Power
Get Your Energy From Renewable Sources
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Keep The Same Provider
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Two-minute sign-up

Excellent customer service

Cancel at any time, never trapped in a contract

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No credit card fees

It looked too good to be true so I had to see for myself. I signed up, downloaded the app and connected it to my utilities. That was it, that's all I had to do, Arcadia did everything from there. I didn't even need to change my provider!

There was no difference in my service but I could rest assured knowing that every time I turned on a light or the TV, it was coming from a clean energy source. I did start to notice my bills being lower, which was an amazing bonus. Arcadia also sends you a monthly statement to show your usage, savings, and environmental impact.

It's the easiest thing I have ever done that results in such a positive impact on my pocket and the environment. Join the 100s of thousands of Arcadia's customers in driving the demand for clean energy sources.

Plus, Arcadia is offering anyone who signs up a $25 Amazon gift card. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain!

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