Green Chef- The Dinnertime Hack My Neighbor Recommended

Green Chef- The Dinnertime Hack My Neighbor Recommended

I'm so lucky that I live in a great area and have fantastic friendships with my neighbors. Whenever I run out of something, I know I can knock next door and they'll share, and vice versa.

Last week, I had all my ingredients ready for a stir fry when I realized I was out of oil! So I popped into the Johnsons to borrow some of theirs. When Allie answered the door we got to chatting and I couldn't help but notice the wonderful aroma coming from their kitchen.

Allie was cooking Italian Sausage Puttanesca, a recipe from Green Chef. "Green Chef? What's that?" I asked. She explained that it's a USDA-certified organic meal kit service they signed up for a few weeks ago, and they've been absolutely loving it. She said there were different plans--keto, vegan, paleo, and balanced living--her going with the last one since she just wanted high-quality, fresh ingredients and not any specific diet.

I'd heard about meal kits before but thought they seemed like a big task and a huge commitment. And I'd noticed the bright green boxes on Allie's doorstep before and was curious about them. So that evening, I checked out Green Chef.

Turns out, when you subscribe to Green Chef, you choose your plan along with the recipes you want from their weekly menu. With that, they'll send out a box with all your ingredients, pre-portioned, to your doorstep.

Green Chef
USDA Certified Organic
Meal Kit Delivery Service

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I'd gotten so fed up trying to find enticing new recipes for dinner every night. Plus, I was trying to reduce my visits to the store as much as possible. Perhaps a meal kit delivery service would take that worry off my plate! Although Allie's dinner smelled fantastic, I was still unsure about the quality and taste of Green Chef's meals.

When I clicked through the menu and saw recipes like Homestyle Meatloaf & Gravy, Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl, and Sun-Dried Tomato Flatbreads, I was suddenly starving, everything looked sooo delicious!

Green Chef's meals start as low as $11.99 per serving, and you can pause or cancel your subscription whenever you want. So I signed up for the Balanced Living plan to see if the meals taste as good as they look. They source all of their GMO-free and organic produce from local farmers, so I was excited to see if I could taste the difference.

When my Green Chef box arrived on my doorstep a few days later, I was excited to get cooking. First up was Creamy Truffle & Mushroom Linguine. I have to say, the pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards really did save time. The meal only took 30 mins to make, and it was super tasty! And the produce they sent me was super fresh. After my first Green Chef dinner, I was sold.

I've been signed up for Green Chef for a few weeks now and I'm so happy I took the plunge. No need to scour the internet for appetizing new recipes, trek to the store, or measure ingredients. Everything I need arrives on our doorstep like clockwork every week. The recipes are easy and taste delish!

Now whenever Allie and I cross paths, we chat about the yummy Green Chef recipes we're ordering for the week. If you're thinking about signing up for a meal kit, I'd highly recommend Green Chef.

Update: Our friends at Green Chef are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get $80 Off + FREE shipping!

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