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How To Get The Highest Quality Meat For The Lowest Prices

I like to think that I'm pretty mindful about where I get my food from. I spend most weekends at local farmers markets, always try to buy organic fruits and vegetables and only eat free range eggs. Even though shopping "clean" can be very expensive, I always try to make sure I'm being responsible about what I feed my family. Recently at Whole Foods, I noticed a bunch of different labels that I'd never thought too much about- free range, cage free, organic. I always assumed that choosing organic was best, but after a quick search, I was shocked. All of these seemingly positive labels on meat and eggs didn't mean that they were being ethically sourced. It turns out, the terms "free range" and "organic" doesn't ensure how long the animals have access to outside pastures, and in most cases, they only see the outside for an hour every couple of days. Determined to provide high quality meat that wouldn't break the bank for my family, I discovered Wild Pastures, a variety of 100% grass fed meats that are ethically raised and environmentally sustainable. I had a lot of questions about how Wild Pastures works, here's everything you need to know.

What Does Wild Pastures Offer?

Wild Pastures is dedicated to offering high quality, sustainable meats from farmers who take pride in providing ethical and humane environments for the animals they raise. Their mission is simple- to provide beef, chicken and pork from animals that are only 100% pasture-raised in the United States. Many larger beef farms claim that their beef is 100% grass fed, but are actually supplemented with grain. Wild Pastures livestock are grass fed and rotationally grazed, which mimics their natural habitat. The animals feed on the natural terrain, which is free from pesticides and herbicides. All of these factors result in a happier life for the animals, and much tastier meat.

How Does It Work?

What makes Wild Pastures be able to provide the best possible meats at low prices is it's membership club. Like Costco, you pay an annual fee (starting from $59) to enjoy up to 40% savings on their selection of pasture-raised meat. Once you choose the annual fee plan that works best for you, you can determine how much meat they send you- you can select 10, 20 or 30 pounds. You can mix and match the selection of curated meats each month, giving you complete control over what's in your box. Plus, you can cancel or pause at any time.

How Does This Help The Environment?

Larger scale, conventional meat farms are extremely environmentally depleting. Wild Pastures only works with local, family farmers, meaning they always know the type of life the animal had and exactly what it was being fed. The rotational grazing process practiced by the farmers means that they do not need to use harmful hormones, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. This helps to restore soil naturally. They also use mostly local delivery methods to get your meat to your doorstep, allowing them to use less packaging and fuel. Also, all of their deliveries are packaged in 100% recyclable, reusable and compostable boxes.

Is It Affordable?

Yes! It's like getting incredibly high quality meat at wholesale prices. The annual fee allows Wild Pastures to keep sustainably sourcing only the best meats. The $79 a year membership fee includes free shipping and a 365 day money back guarantee. Their average customer see's a savings of up to $800 a year compared to shopping for meat at their local grocery stores. Delivery is available in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Utah, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Iowa and parts of New Mexico.

Wild Pastures meat is so much more delicious and nutritious than anything I've ever bought at the store, and the monthly delivery is super convenient and always so fresh. Plus, it's great knowing that what I'm feeding my children is free of harmful preservatives and sustainable sourced.

Check out Wild Pastures' grass fed and finished meat today. Sign up today and save up to 40% on all your purchases!

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