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This Grass Fed Organ Complex Is A Superfood That Delivers The Most Important Nutrients

Health and wellness is a multi-billion dollar global market. People are starting to realize that a life full of processed food is not good for their health and have started to turn to eating more fruits and vegetables to be healthy.

While this is a great first step, fruits and vegetables are no longer what they used to be and aren't the only superfood you should be consuming. In fact, it would take eating eight oranges today to equal the amount of nutrition found in one back when our grandparents were growing up!

Paleovalley is helping people reclaim their health by providing the most nutritionally dense supplements. The Grass Fed Organ Complexis a pill containing the 3 healthiest organ superfoods that deliver a wide array of important nutrients to your body in an easy and efficient way. The ingredients in this supplement come from grass-fed cows that graze naturally and are never treated with hormones or antibiotics.

Here's everything you need to know about our diets and the Grass Fed Organ Complex.

Our diet is a little less "caveman" these days...

Previous generations made sure to waste nothing when it came to eating animals. Eating the entire animal provided a variety of nutrients that are essential for optimal health. The liver is the most nutrient-dense organ of all and provides vitamins A, B-complex, iron, phosphorus, zinc, copper, and selenium.

Vitamin A helps us stay young by aiding in cell turnover, and iron helps with forming hemoglobin, so we have plenty of energy and strong muscles. Zinc, copper, and selenium are all immune system boosters that will give your body an extra kick to keep you from getting the "office cold" that goes around every year!

It's not just about the liver

While the liver is one of the most nutrient-dense organs, Paleovalley's Grass Fed Organ Complex doesn't only contain liver.

The complex also contains other sources of essential vitamins and minerals, such as the heart and kidneys. The heart is a concentrated source of CoQ10, which will keep your br ain sharp for longer. Your immune system, thyroid, and cardiovascular system all rely on the support they get from selenium, which is derived directly from the kidneys.

It's estimated that 15% of all adults will experience depression

Scary but true, especially when you consider 92% of Americans are deficient in B12, a vitamin necessary for synthesizing serotonin which is directly related to your mood.

B12 can only be found in animals, with organs ranked as the most B12 dense source in the world; however, with the Grass Fed Organ Complex, you can get all the B12 without eating meat! If you are someone who doesn't want to eat lots of meat, spend lots of money purchasing meat, or can't find good quality meat readily, this is your solution.

Grass-Fed Organ Complex is not your everyday vitamin

Yes, both the Grass Fed Organ Complex and a multivitamin contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals necessary for keeping you healthy. But that's the only similarity.

Grass Fed Organ Complexis superior because it's far more bioavailable - you can actually absorb what's in the pill. Natural organs are formed with the exact ratio of components we need to survive, and that is exactly how Paleovalley creates the formula for their Organ Complex Pills.

Let's take it for a test ride

Paleovalley is allowing everyone to try the Grass Fed Organ Complex risk-free for a full 60 days! If you don't absolutely love the supplement after 60 days, no sweat, just return it. But we highly doubt you'll be doing anything after 60 days other than ordering more!

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