Men’s Style Guide: 5 Red Flags Of Bad Streetwear

Men’s Style Guide: 5 Red Flags Of Bad Streetwear

Credit: Photo by Magnus Andersson on Unsplash

Don’t judge a book by its cover, something we’ve all heard before. But let’s be honest, as nice as that sentiment is, first impressions can be a make-or-break situation. So it’s better to look our best, especially for those important life moments.

Then . . . in walks in streetwear fashion.

Cool, innovative, and often times comfortable as hell, it’s no wonder that street fashion has rocketed beyond being one more ‘trend’ to a bonafide staple style that’s here to stay. Not to mention that it’s completely revolutionized the fashion industry.

But like most things, there are a few DOs and DON’Ts of streetwear (Calling out every guy wearing a tattered tank and socks with sandals.) No worries, our Men's Style editors are here to help you look your best and avoid all those cringe-worthy fashion faux-pas.

Here are our five red flags of streetwear and a few tips if you need to break them:

Cargo Pants

Number4Low via Grailed

Sorry, as much as we’d like to pretend these can be stylish, they scream, ‘I’m a dad who owns a minivan!” Cargo pants and shorts are not flattering on anyone, especially if paired with a ratty college sweater or, worse, a faded sports tee.

  • If you’re going to rock cargo, go for something vintage. Push past the paternal vibes and attain a retro look that’s both stylish and practical. (I mean, who doesn’t like extra pockets?)

Socks with sandals

witjohnson via Grailed

One of the worst streetwear boo-boos to make. Yet, everyone – and we do mean everyone – has seen this fashion crime committed at the grocery store, the mall, or in all your grandpa’s vacation photos. Repeat after us: I will respect my feet!

  • Ditch the socks. We’re sorry. Absolutely nothing justifies this look. Besides, we like to let our toes breathe. Instead, find a pair of sandals that look fine but feel even better.

Too many accessories

Credit: TATEJEWELRY via Grailed

Some people think streetwear and automatically throw on ten different accessories. Rather than making a statement, this will turn you into a walking closet. Sure, it’s tempting to toss on earrings, a necklace, a hat, and top it off with a backpack. Even with streetwear, less is more.

  • Of course, options are great. And accessories provide variety in your wardrobe. However, too much is simply tooooo much. The key is to choose a single statement piece and keep accessories minimal.

Rumpled Clothes

Number4Low via Grailed

More than wearing the dreaded sin of socks-w/-sandals, the most common and avoidable fashion blunder is strutting around in wrinkled clothes. No matter the label or how cute the shirt is, if it’s unironed it screams shabby. And, no, not in a good way.

  • Want to achieve an effortless streetwear look, iron your clothes. Instead, pick statement pieces that show off your personality and unique fashion sense. P.S. A well-ironed fit makes you look more crisp, poised, and set the scene and make a positive impression.

Mall Brands

We’ve all been guilty – at one point or another – of going a bit crazy at our favorite mall shops and have ended up staggering around like an unpaid marketing intern. It’s great to have a go-to brand. But like a riot of accessories, too much of one brand ruins the vibe you’re going for.

  • Pick one or two items from your fave brand. And if you must drape them from head to toe, please wear only one piece with an outward-facing label. The world will get a sense of your fashion taste without an overbearing fit.

Meet Our Streetwear Must-have: Grailed

Number4Low via Grailed

When it comes to outstanding streetwear, Grailed is by far the best. Not only can you find and buy designer brands, but you can sell Grailed those threads taking up space in your closet.

In short, Grailed is a huge platform with millions of users selling vintage clothing. It’s a go-to hotspot for both new and secondhand upscale menswear.

Yes, Grailed is legitimate – No, you’re not dreaming.

Plus, everything’s streamlined and easy. Sign-up takes less than five minutes.

Unlike so many other sites and apps, they have an outstanding payment processing platform – Grailed Payments. Sell faster with Grailed’s flexible payment methods like Apple Pay and debit/credit cards. Or get direct payouts sent straight to your bank account. Plus, Grailed even offers protection for both buyers and sellers.

Stop second-guessing if you’re guilty of these 5 red flags. And start shopping vintage menswear from hot brands like Red Wing, Brooks Brothers, and Perry Ellis – all on Grailed!

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