Going Camping On a Budget? Here's Why You'll Need This Tent

Going Camping On a Budget? Here's Why You'll Need This Tent

When we're in the wilderness (or the backyard), we want to make sure our shelter is secure from the elements, comfortable, and roomy enough to keep the party going all night long. And when it comes to the outdoors, we trust Coleman to provide us with everything we need without overcharging for unnecessary extras. Here's why you should take the Coleman Sundome Tent on your next camping trip.

1. It's comfortable.

The 6-person tent fits up to two queen-sized air mattresses. The spacious interior gives you enough room to stand (it's 6 feet tall) and move around (it's 10 feet wide and deep).

2. It's easy to set up.

Other tents are pretty much like rocket science to set up, but the Insta-Clip poles make it easy to set this tent up and break it down in around 10 minutes each. The auto-roll windows roll down without fuss and the hinged door gives you easy access in and out of the tent.

3. It's safe and durable.

The tent is made with a sturdy TC fabric that has a rainfly and WeatherTec System to block out the elements. The welded floor and inverted seams keep you dry and stand up to harsh winds.

4. It's well-ventilated.

No one wants stuffiness or bugs in their tent, so the Coleman Sundome has a ventilation system that keeps things clean and cool while you enjoy your adventure.

5. It's everything you'll need, and more.

This tent has built-in LED lights, charges any USB device, and comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Plus, it retails at less than $100. Coleman is a trusted name in everything outdoorsy, and we think you'll enjoy the ease, convenience, and price tag on this tent for your next outing.

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