Everything You Need To Know About GLEEM's Sleek, New Electric Toothbrush

When decorating a bathroom, a toothbrush is the last thing I'd consider. I mean, toothbrushes function purely to clean your teeth. No matter what you do, it will never look good sitting on a marble counter next to the coordinated, monochromatic lotion pump and soap-tray. At least, that's what I thought before I discovered the GLEEM toothbrush and its amazing design.

Feeling intrigued? Here are all of your questions answered.

What is the GLEEM toothbrush?

GLEEM toothbrush is the newest, trendiest, electric toothbrush on the market. The brush's design is where form meets function. With a replaceable brush head and gentle vibrations, it keeps your teeth clean and vibrant. Not to mention looking ultra-smart in your bathroom!

Why an electric toothbrush?

When it comes to cleaning your teeth, there's no denying that electric brushes, like the GLEEM toothbrush, can be more beneficial than manual toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes are more thorough, and a lot more convenient. They pretty much do the brushing for you.

What makes GLEEM better than other electric toothbrushes?

To start, most electric toothbrushes are bulky, heavy, and an eye-sore. The GLEEM toothbrush has a sleek-looking, classy design. There are two colors to choose from: white for a bright, radiant aesthetic, or black for a dark, mysterious look. The handle is slim and light-weight. No more chunky handles that are difficult to maneuver.

Not only does it look smart, the GLEEM toothbrush makes brushing your teeth super easy. Every thirty seconds, the vibration pauses to remind you to switch sides -- so you can brush evenly. On top of that, the vibrations are quiet and gentle (can't say that about my old electric toothbrushes!).

Can you travel with it?

It's battery-powered, so you can take it anywhere. It even comes with a travel case. Whether you bring it to work, or on a trip, the case makes it easy to pack, on top of looking professional and luxurious.

Is it expensive?

Nope! Despite its top-of-the-line appearance, it's only $25 ( way cheaper than its competitors).

Is it eco-friendly?

Actually, yes! Instead of replacing the whole toothbrush, with GLEEM you only replace the brush head. You can feel good about saving the environment by using less plastic.

The GLEEM toothbrush brings fun and luxury to a boring, mundane, and routine task. It really is designed to make your smile shine. I didn't think that I'd ever care so much about a toothbrush, but my teeth have never felt cleaner, plus it's pretty darn sleek!

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