4 Reasons Fall Is The Perfect Time For A Cabin Escape

4 Reasons Fall Is The Perfect Time For A Cabin Escape

Feeling drained after summer? Me too. Summer may be fun, but boy, is it a tiring season. So many events, birthdays, and festivals to attend. Even most summer vacations are pretty demanding. Don't get me wrong, a trip of walking tours, museums, and sightseeing in Europe leaves you feeling #cultured, but it can be tiring.

No matter where the summer took you, navigating your way through the sun or humidity for 3 months is damn exhausting. Now that it's Fall, it's the perfect time for an escape - to a Getawaycabin in the great outdoors. Getaway gives you all the good parts of camping, without having to rough it. Here are four reasons why you need to check out a Getaway cabin this fall:

Much-needed Post-summer Relaxation

In Autumn, everything settles down a bit, meaning it's the perfect time for a chill Getaway before the chaotic holiday season starts. Picture waking up in the center of fall foliage, at its peak, wrapped in a warm blanket with zero incoming emails or calls. Getaway make this possible.

Getaway has a freshly made, comfy queen bed, or two queen beds that hold up to 4 people, with soft sheets and a hot shower. There's also a private bathroom, a kitchenette with a two-burner stove, a mini-fridge, and kitchen essentials, like a pot and pan, a tea kettle, a bottle opener, olive oil and, of course, salt and pepper. Outside, there's a fire pit, Adirondack chairs, a picnic table and bench – your own little space to unwind.

Perfect Weather

Speaking of humidity - by the time summer is over, the novelty of summer weather has worn off. Fall is the best time to really appreciate the great outdoors. Whether you're hiking, climbing a mountain, or eating s'mores by the fire, there's no better time to be with nature than Fall. Enjoy a breath of (literal) fresh air. There's so much to do this time of year- what's better than picking apples in a picturesque orchard while sipping hot cider?

And if you're worried about it being a bit chilly or too hot (Fall weather can sometimes surprise us), each cabin has AC and heat for your temperature needs.


The cabins all have large windows, where you can take in dazzling Autumnal vistas - the golden hour light, colorful leaves, and gorgeous evening sunsets. The Autumn leaves' vibrant hues create a subtle, calming atmosphere. Hear the leaves crunch as you hike along trails among the trees. Wake up to birds singing. With Getaway, you can appreciate nature and remain completely clean and dry, with a hot shower, kitchen, and bed.

Escape Reality

But the best part about Getaway cabins, is that you can literallyget away from civilization, technology, and all your obligations. There's no Wi-Fi in the cabins, plus they have a cell phone "lock box", so you can finally free yourself from the constant demands of social media and thoroughly detach from your devices. However, there's a landline in each cabin, should you need it. The cabin also provides a deck of cards and a selection of books for the simple, delightful afternoons.

The cabins are private, but not completely secluded. You'll likely see other Getaway cabins and fellow guests nearby. Although you have your own space, there's comfort in knowing there are people around you. Getaway's cabins are nestled in the middle of nature, but only 2 hours away from major cities (Atlanta, Cleveland, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh, Portland, and Washington, D.C.), so they're super easy to get to.

Getaway cabins start at just $89 a night. If you want to lock away your phone, enjoy the smell of the trees, the sounds of birds chirping, and majestic mountain views, all while waking up in a warm, cozy bed, you need to get yourself to a Getaway cabin. An escape to a Getaway cabin is a great opportunity to feel like yourself again, or reconnect with someone you love.

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