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Why Low Testosterone Isn't The End Of The World Anymore

Low T can make you worry

It may surprise you that low testosterone levels are a very common problem - approximately 25 million men in the US suffer from it.

After the age of 30, testosterone levels start to decline in males each year. In men over 40, these levels can decrease between 19% and 39%.

Lower testosterone can cause low energy, low muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, decreased sex drive, brain fog, and more. And the causes of low testosterone can be anything from weight gain, to medication, or even just plain old daily stress. The causes are specific to each individual.

Many healthcare companies have emerged that specialize in helping people with hormone therapies, particularly with male testosterone levels. Ageless Men's Health, Royal Medical Clinic, and Vault Health appear to be the main contenders in this space.

Our editors compared and contrasted these services to identify the best, so if you think you may be suffering from low testosterone, you'll know where to go for help.

Ageless Men's Health

This clinic was established in 2007 in New York City and now has 40 locations throughout the country. They offer testosterone replacement therapy along with weight management and skin care services. You can make an appointment or drop into any of their clinics. During your initial appointment, you'll fill out a few forms and then meet your physician who will perform a brief physical exam and take your blood. When your test results come back - within 48 hours - they will determine whether you need the therapy or not.

Injections need to be administered every 7 days in the gluteal muscle. However, Ageless Men's Health only offers testosterone injection, no other treatment or delivery method is available here. When it comes to their service, Ageless Men's Health really believes in having a friendly face to face in-person interaction.

Royal Medical Centre

Royal Medical Centre caters to both male and females who are suffering from hormone imbalance and are in need of replacement therapy. Their service covers all related problems caused by hormonal imbalance. The founder, Dr. Dagoberto Rodriguez, wanted to make hormone replacement therapy more accessible to those who need it.

They offer a monthly program, which includes lab testing, follow-up exams, consultations, physical examinations, and your therapeutic program. Simply call them to set up your initial consultation or fill out the forms online.

All tests will be carried out during your first doctor's consultation at the clinic nearest you. Once your results come back, if you require a treatment your doctor will prescribe one that suits you. Royal Medical Centre's program also comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Vault Health
Testosterone Treatments
Right To Your Door

See If Vault's Right For You

Vault Health

With Vault, your medical visit will take place online with your practitioner at a time that suits you. Here you can discuss your problem, symptoms, and your medical history in a safe space that you feel comfortable in. Then a phlebotomist will come to your home to take a blood sample that will be sent off for testing. From there, you'll be contacted virtually via video, or phone call by your practitioner to recommend a personalized treatment plan based on your results and their expertise.

Vault Health offers testosterone treatments in many forms such as pills, subcutaneous self-injections, and creams. This is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. They'll recommend and advise the best options for you based on your symptoms, your cause, and your results.

Once you and your Vault provider decide on a treatment, your medication is regularly mailed directly to your door in modest packaging. You'll receive ongoing support including a check-in 6 weeks after starting treatment. And there's 24/7 access to medical practitioners if you have any questions.

What makes Vault Health truly stand out from the other services is that their treatment plans have been designed by leading men's health experts who developed solutions for the whole range of male performance issues.

Our Verdict

Overall, we felt the best service by far is Vault health.

All three offer testing and a treatment plan if that's what you need. But Vault's service goes above and beyond. With home and online virtual visits, video calls, or chats on the phone, this is the most individualized and full-service offering.

You pick the time and place that suits your schedule. And you don't have to go to your local pharmacy to pick up your prescription, Vault delivers right to your door. Amazingly, you can receive a full treatment and never have to leave your home.

Many doctors treat the symptoms of low testosterone, instead of the cause. Vault Health aims to solve your problem by getting to the root of it and prescribing a testosterone treatment that's tailored to your specific needs.

With personalized plans, a 24/7 service, continuous support from medical professionals that you can avail yourself of without going to a clinic or doctor's office, and prescriptions delivered right to your door, Vault is the clear winner.

Vault Health is currently accepting new applicants! Follow this link below to begin a quick survey and Vault will recommend the best personalized plan for you.