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We Found The Best Homeowners Insurance Of 2020

Are you overpaying for insurance? It's likely.

People oftentimes choose the first provider they find or the one they know, and after several years, don't know if their current rate is a ripoff, compared to others.

We're so grateful for the new online marketplaces that can guarantee to find you the lowest insurance for your home or car. Maybe you're already paying it, but if you're not 100% sure, we looked at Gabiand The Zebra for new rates.

Here's how they compare

Key Similarities

  • Both Gabi and The Zebra are free to use
  • Both work with plenty of providers, from big households names to small, local companies
  • Both websites pledge not to store or sell your information and not to spam you with calls and texts
  • With Gabi you begin online and can hop on the phone later on in the process.The Zebra also allows you to begin online or on the phone.

Key Differences

  • Gabi provides more options by offering car, home, renters, umbrella, and landlord insurance, The Zebra only does car and home insurance
  • Gabi is a fully-licensed insurance broker in all 50 states and The Zebra is only licensed in 25 states
  • Gabi uses AI software to find you the best rate
  • Gabi is a true marketplace with integrations with insurance companies to show you the actual rate.The Zebra is a lead generator company that sells clicks of their traffic directly to carriers
  • Gabi shows you real rates and then buys the insurance for you. The Zebra doesn't help you buy the policy or show real rates
  • Gabi saves you time and confusion by allowing you to link your current insurance so that you can skip the forms and get a true side by side comparison if you could be getting a better deal


Gabi stands for "Get A Better Insurance" and their name pretty much sums it up! They claim that users get average savings of $825 per year. Once you input your information and upload your policy, you'll get an email with quote estimates, and hand everything over to Gabi so they can make the switch for you!

They'll do everything, so you can just sit back and count your savings. You'll get an agent who will explain everything. By linking your current insurance on the Gabi site, you're skipping having to complete tons of paperwork, and getting straight to the point. If you could be making real savings, Gabi will show you an apples to apples comparison. Or if you already have the best deal on the market, Gabi will eliminate confusion and show you that upfront.

Gabi is made for people who are already insured, but there's also an option to select "I Don't Have Insurance" and sign up through Gabi.

Once you create an account, Gabi will keep your policies on file, and keep an eye out for discounts if you'd ever like to switch to a newer, lower rate.

The Zebra

The Zebra is a lead generator that doesn't match you directly with other insurers. They sell clicks of their traffic directly to carriers, meaning that unlike Gabi, they don't actually help you buy your new policy or even show you real rates. After entering your information, The Zebra shows you potential insurance companies that may be able to offer you a cheaper rate, but it's not guaranteed. Once you click on one of these providers, The Zebra gets paid, and you're on your own.

They also don't let you customize the different packages - they may just present you 4 different rates from 4 different companies, without showing you all the different rates for each company, which is very confusing.

Final Notes

The insurance industry is clouded with a lot of bait and uncertainty, so if you want a way to quickly discover if you could be saving on your insurance, go with Gabi. They're more transparent, despite The Zebra's messaging, and we like that they have enough data for an average of savings; $825 means that half of those who save, save more than that. Gabi makes the whole process a breeze, and takes care of everything from start to finish.

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