Here's What My Wife And I Thought Of Gabi

When we both needed to renew our insurance policies we gave Gabi a go, this was our experience.

I always felt like I was overpaying for insurance, but never got around to doing anything about it. When my wife and I bought our home about a year ago, we didn't have the luxury to spend hours shopping for insurance - as if there wasn't enough to think about!

Finally, I volunteered to streamline our household's various (two cars and a house) insurance policies in order to avoid confusion and redundancy.

I spent weekend after weekend scrolling through a zillion different insurance websites getting so turned around and overwhelmed. I mean, I knew there were deals out there, but darn if I could find 'em.

That's when my buddy, Victor, recommended I stop wasting time and check out Gabi Insurance.

Gabi's an online personal insurance shopper, licensed in all 50 states. What they do is compare multiple offers from over 40 top insurance policies. Victor swears by them - they identified an insurance company that bundled his car and home insurance, and now he's saving close to $800 a year! And if that's not enough, Victor said, Gabi is free.

Alarm bells went off loud and clear. Nothing that good or that useful, could be free. There must be hidden costs.

So, I did some research and . . . there aren't. The rates Gabi quotes don't include hidden fees. Their partners, the insurance companies pay them for bringing in customers.

Gabi makes their money from the carriers, not you. The only thing they want from you is to hear how happy you are with their services.

Okay, it's free. But there's gotta be some other sticking point. If they don't charge, I bet they're one of those sites that harvest and sell customers' personal info.

Many companies have no trouble selling your info to other insurance companies, which leads to a barrage of aggressive sales pitches and floods of spam.

But I was wrong there. Gabi doesn't sell data or leads, and they never share or sell personal info to a third party . . . and never will.

In terms of privacy, Gabi uses the latest security and encryption technology to ensure that your info remains your info. No unauthorized internal or external access to customer info is allowed. Gabi was starting to sound good. So I pulled it up on my phone. But I still had my doubts. Like all the other insurance sites I'd checked out, I expected to get lost in a maze of questions. Gabi would take forever, right? I put aside 45 minutes because I fully expected the whole thing to take that long. At least.

I was absolutely shocked because the whole process was unbelievably quick and easy. I simply answered some easy questions and set the whole process in motion. Gabi used my current policy details to compare rates, get free quotes, and find the best and least expensive insurance options all within minutes.

Gabi always recommends the cheapest policy, no matter what, and there's no obligation to move forward after your quote comparison.

Gabi did in minutes what it would have taken days for me to do on my own. In no time at all, I'd reassessed - dumped a few outdated policies - and completely consolidated our insurance into one neat little package that protects our house and two cars while saving us money!

Our first anniversary in the house is coming up next month, so I'm going to spend some of it on a super nice treat 'cause Gabi saved us a bundle.

Savings can vary from customer to customer, but I was pleasantly surprised. I bet you will be, too.

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