Why I Switched From Cable To fuboTV

Why I Switched From Cable To fuboTV

There are so many different bills that are due each month. Everything including rent, utilities, phone, and especially cable hits hard each time - even though you know it's coming.

I decided to lighten the load a bit and figure out where I could cut costs, but I knew that meant compromising somewhere else. After going through it all I was sad to say that cable would have to go - I just wasn't getting what I really wanted out of it for the amount I was paying. The sports channels I live off of require an extra cost and it was getting to be ridiculous.

My friend heard me talking about my struggle to cut cable (I knew I needed to but I couldn't pull the plug). He recommended fuboTV, a live streaming service to replace cable television with a monthly subscription and a ton of sports channels. I'd heard of it but wasn't completely sold. So I decided to look into it a bit more… and wow I was pleasantly surprised.

Here's everything I learned about fuboTV:

What is fuboTV?

I'm the first to admit I thought fuboTV was another streaming service like Netflix or Hulu - but it's not. fuboTV gives you LIVE channels (as well as on-demand options). It's like cable… only affordable and convenient!

How much does it cost?

fuboTV's Starter Plan costs just $64.99 a month. Unlike cable that has a bunch of hidden fees, I really only pay one price for full access to my plan. Plus, there's a 7-day free trial and fuboTV has no contract locking me in, so I cancel anytime!

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What kind of channels are included?

With this service, I get 121 channels through the Family Plan… wow. I get to keep classic channel staples like ABC, NBC, FOX, Food Network, Bravo, Disney Channel, ESPN, Starz, and SYFY but I get a ton of sports channels on top of that at no extra cost.

Now when there's a soccer match I want to watch I don't need to pay an extra fee for a channel plan or stream it in poor quality on my phone. They broadcast Premier League, UEFA Champions League, MLS, Serie A, and Ligue 1 to name a few of my favorites. And with fuboTV, I have 250 hours of cloud DVR space to record things, so I'm never stressed if I have to miss the live game.

On top of that, they've got NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and NASCAR so I'm not losing anything in the process. I'm even getting tennis, golf, boxing, MMA, and Triple Crown races. fuboTV also has all the special events covered like the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Playoffs, World Series, and the Olympics.

What devices can I use it on?

I plan on watching fuboTV on my TV with my Roku but there are so many more compatible devices. You can use your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets, Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, and Chromecast.

And with my Starter Plan, I can watch on up to 3 devices simultaneously! It's perfect for when people come over or just a busy day for sports and I can't possibly choose only one to watch.

How do I make the switch?

fuboTV is so straightforward, all I did was sign up online - that's it. Of course, I needed to cancel my cable which was a whole other story but I'm so glad I did.

Now with fuboTV, I can cancel online anytime and they have a great help center for any issues or questions I have. No more long hours of being placed on hold with cable companies.

I can't believe all the time and money I wasted on cable when fuboTV was an option. I'm so happy with the switch and would recommend it to anyone else struggling with cutting their cable.

While I made the switch mostly for the sports, I'm sticking with fuboTV for the entertainment - it's convenient, affordable, and so much more than just cable.

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