Best water bottles to beat the summer heat

Best water bottles to beat the summer heat

That cheap bottle your company gave you just isn't going to cut it

If you're like me, you need to have water constantly going into your body. I swear I drink, like, 12 glasses a day. And the water needs to be cold — ice cold. This gets to be pretty difficult in the summer as the heat pretty much boils my water in a normal container.

If you're an adventurer, have a hot office or have kids that go to summer camp, this is the list for you. Here are five water bottles that are sure to help you stay cool during the blistering heat of the summer months.


S'well water bottles are a bit on the pricier side, but really brings out the artist in us all. Their designs range from woods to textiles to satin, sporting a number of different patterns. Their sizes range from 9, 17 and 25 ounces so you can really gauge how much you drink.

These bottles are eco-friendly and give your cold water a life of around 24 hours. The bottle actually does what it's advertised to do which is more than I can say about a lot of bottles promising to keep your water cold. These are really popular in NYC — where I reside most of the time — so you'll totally be on trend.

Takeya ThermoFlask

These are probably my favorite water bottles, hands down. Now, Takeya's aren't for everyone because they're huge and take up a ton of space. But if you drink more than 40 oz a day like me, this is a good investment.

Once, I went into work at around seven in the morning and left my water bottle there when I left. It still had ice in it when I went in the next day around three in the afternoon. That's how good is. If you're stationary for a long period of time and don't need to lug around a jug of water, try the Takeya.

Hydro Flask Stainless Steel

Hydro Flasks come in all different shapes, sizes and colors, giving you a huge range to choose from. I personally like these bottle because aside from keeping your drink cold, they also have a straw lid option. Straws are a favorite of mine especially on lipstick days and they're generally just more fun.

They range from 18 ounces to 64 ounces and can also hold hot liquids. The downside is that it's pricey like the S'well and doesn't hold ice for a long time like the Takeya.

Nalgene Wide Mouth Bottle

Nalgenes have been a staple of mine during training seasons since forever. They're cheap, fuss-free and easy to wash. However, they may be a little on the poor side when it comes to keeping your drink cold.

During the season, a trick I had was to put a sock over the bottle. A nice wool sock with a cute pattern will look more like a cozy than a sock and will keep your drink ice cold. So, this is more of an option for athletes like me and those on a budget.

Klean Kanteen Insulated Bottles

The Klean Kanteen classic bottles are a bit of a let down for me, but their insulated bottles are a different story. They come in different colors and ounces and claim to keep water cold for up to 50 hours. I don't know how true this is since my little brother left his bottle in the car for a day and it was cool at best the next day.

These are perfect for kids since they a special section for Kid Kanteens. They're small and lightweight so your child can carry them around easily during day camps and family vacations.

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