Five Super-Smart Kitchen Gadgets

Five Super-Smart Kitchen Gadgets

It's the little things that make a big difference

If you love to cook, you know that there's nothing better than having the right tool for the job. Here are five of the most genius tools for very specific kitchen tasks.

Onion Holder

Not only will this onion holder keep your hands stink-free, its stainless steel tines will guide your knife for even slices every time.

Vegetable Grill Clips

Grilling vegetables can turn into a puzzle when you lose a piece of asparagus beneath the rack. This spring-loaded clamp with serrated prongs will keep your veggies compact and help them to cook evenly.

Flour Keeper

Baking is a science and, as such, ingredients must be precise. While the built-in leveler on this container may not seem like a big deal, your resulting, perfectly baked confections will prove otherwise.

Pot with Straining Lid and Spout

Is there anything more frustrating than watching stray pasta tumbling down the drain as you pour it into a colander? This non-stick pot comes equipped with a straining lid, so you'll never lose your spaghetti. Cooking a sauce instead? The spout side of the lid will ensure precision pouring without any splatter.

Egg Slicer

Kiss carpal tunnel goodbye while safeguarding your fingertips. This egg slicer is great for anyone with remedial knife skills. The evenly-spaced blades will also produce perfectly sliced mushrooms, grapes, strawberries, and radishes.

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