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Here Are Our First Impressions On This Premium Bedding

Today our Home & Family editors will review SIJO, a brand offering luxury bedding from comforters to mattress toppers, sheets, and even loungewear — everything you need for a great night's sleep. To find out more about the brand, our first impressions and the final verdict - Keep reading . . .

The Product

SIJO’s luxe performance bedding is more affordable than companies like Brooklinen and Parachute. Their most popular products are the TempTune™ and AiryWeight Eucalyptus.

  • The AiryWeight Eucalyptus: Made from 100% Tencel™ Lyocell — just a fancy name for Eucalyptus fibers — its one of the most sustainable fabrics and made from the pulp of FSC & PEFC-certified eucalyptus wood. They’re sustainable, cooling, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. And it’s available in 7 different hues.
  • The CLIMA Cooling Tech Collection: Composed of fibers that absorb and distribute excess body heat. This collection is designed to keep your body at an ideal temperature — between 82° and 89°F — these sleek sheets will keep you warm or cool accordingly.

Both sets are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust and mold — perfect for anyone with allergies. And their non-toxic and non-hazardous fabrics are OEKO-Tex Certified.

First Impressions

SIJO has a wide variety of premium bedding collections — but their French Linen collection really caught our eye. Outstanding customer reviews pushed the needle for us so we gave them a try.

We decided on:

The AiryWeight Eucalyptus

Although we were initially skeptical about these award-winning, breathable sheets, they’re beyond soft and cool to the touch, hinting at how our nights would go. They’re hypoallergenic and resistant to dust and mold, so no sneezing attacks in the middle of the night.

The AiryWeight Eucalyptus line features TENCEL™ Lyocell, which is actually Eucalyptus fibers that slow the spread of microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. These are the ideal sheets for anyone with sensitive skin.

CLIMA Cooling Tech Collection

SIJO’s CLIMA cooling tech features a patented blend of fibers that absorbs and distributes excess heat and chills you out when you're running warm during the night. They’re exquisitely soft and work well for every season. (Yes, even those ridiculously hot months known as Summer!)

Innovative, moisture-wicking tech ensures any sweat is absorbed quickly. Let SIJO take care of those hot flashes, so you’ll no longer stick to the sheets or wake up drenched in sweat.

Overall Verdict

“I’m obsessed with my SIJO Eucalyptus Sheets . . . They’re SOOO soft and comfy. And — this is my favorite — they don’t collect cat hair. It’s so helpful for my allergies and lessens the burden of my chores.” - Christina W

“Initially, when you climb into bed, it’s a little chilly. But they warm up very quickly and are just the perfect temperature. For a very hot sleeper, these are a game changer. I live in Colorado and our temperature is usually all over the place so it’s great to have a set that works all year." - Monica T

SIJO’s luxurious bedding is the smartest investment in yourself you can make. Don’t wait, pick up some SIJO sheets today!

Supreme softness and incomparable, natural coolness. Follow this link to explore the best sellers!

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