First Impressions: Canada’s Most Affordable Meal Kit Review

First Impressions: Canada’s Most Affordable Meal Kit Review

Our friends at ChefsPlate are offering a massive discount to new customers for today only. Order today and unlock meals from only $2.99 per serving!

Today our editors will be reviewing Chefs Plate — Canada’s most affordable meal kit. Keep reading to find out about the product, our editor’s first impressions, and the final verdict…

1. The Product

Chefs Plate delivers individually packaged dinner ingredients along with recipe cards to your doorstep every week.

You can choose from their weekly menu which consists of 23 rotating recipes. Each recipe takes anywhere from 15-35 minutes to make. The menu includes classic and global-inspired meals such as the California-Style Salmon Tacos and Herbed Pork Chops with Warm Kale & Apple Salad.

Chefs Plate offers different plans like Meat & Vegetables, Vegetarian, and a Family Friendly plan; for 2 or 4 people, 2-4 times a week. All plans start at $2.99 per meal.

2. First Impressions

Everywhere you look, someone is trying a meal kit. But in such a crowded market, we’ve always wondered which meal kits are truly worth it. We tend to be apprehensive about subscriptions, and could these meals really take as little as 15 minutes to make, or was it just a show?

We’ve heard some horror stories about other meal kits where the produce has been sent rotten, and we definitely didn’t want that.

Not to mention how the meals taste — it's hard to imagine meals taking so little time actually tasting great. Plus we didn’t want to be stuck eating the same meals over and over again.

We had a lot of questions, so we decided to test Chefs Plate to figure out what we really thought about it.

The first thing we liked about Chefs Plate is that the plans are totally flexible — you can skip a week, pause, or opt-out at any time, so you’re never locked in. Plus, it only takes 5 minutes to sign up!

Our box arrived right on time and we were immediately impressed with how fresh the ingredients were.

Turns out, Chefs Plate works directly with local and national farmers and suppliers, so the ingredients come from the closest sources possible. Not only that, but everything is pre-portioned and separated into paper bags for each recipe. This saves tons of prep time and ensures portion control!

3. The Verdict

We couldn’t believe how quick and easy the dinners were to make. The Southwest Beef Chili really took 15 minutes! And the Chicken Souvlaki-Inspired Bowl took just 30 minutes. And wow — all of the meals were SO delicious and flavorsome — you’re guaranteed the whole family (even the little ones) will enjoy them.

Considering the convenience Chefs Plate provides, the service is totally affordable. Having pre-portioned ingredients delivered to your door every week equals fewer trips to the grocery store, less meal preparation time, and zero searching for new recipes to try. Not to mention how good the menu is — every meal was scrumptious and family-friendly.

Check out Chefs Plate today and save yourself a lot of time and stress. You can thank us later!

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